ayrıntılarıyla belirtme

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Türkçe - İngilizce
{n} a particular notation or mention, a sample
A document intended primarily for use in procurement, which describes the essential technical requirements for items, materiels or services including the procedures for determining whether or not the requirements have been met
Written requirements for a construction project; contains but is not limited to the following: the scope of work, methods of construction, and materials
The term used to cover the description, drawings and claims contained in an application
The role played by a document which provides a formal specification of some technology
The designation of particulars; particular mention; as, the specification of a charge against an officer
a concise statement of requirements to be satisfied for materiel, a product or service, including the identification of test methods or the procedures which will determine whether the requirements have been met
A specification is a requirement which is clearly stated, for example about the necessary features in the design of something. Troll's exclusive, personalized luggage is made to our own exacting specifications in heavy-duty PVC/nylon Legislation will require UK petrol companies to meet an EU specification for petrol
(patent law) a document drawn up by the applicant for a patent of invention that provides an explicit and detailed description of the nature and usse of an invention
A description of the essential technical requirements for items (hardware and software), materials, and processes that includes verification criteria for determining whether the requirements are met
The description, drawings and claims of an invention prepared to support a patent application The term does not imply that the invention is necessarily new or was ever protected
a detailed description of design criteria for a piece of work
A description of a component's function in terms of its output values for specified input values under specified preconditions
A description of the interface provided by a subprogram, package, task or protected record The implementation details are hidden in the corresponding body
a statement of requirements for a given job or project Usually describes products, materials, and processes to be used A specification may also contain terms of the contract
The specification of a patent is the "write-up" of the invention The U S patent statute requires that the specfication "conclude with" one or more claims, which means that the claims are part of the specification (although most patent attorneys typically refer to "the specification and claims" as though they were different things) See Required Contents of a Patent Application
Detail description of specific requirements
A description of the technical requirements for a material, product, or service to be provided under a contract that includes the criteria for determining whether the requirements are met
A description of a problem or subject that will be implemented in a computer or other system The specification includes both the description of the subject and aspects of the implementation that affect its representation Also, the process of analysis and design that result in a description of a problem or subject which can be implemented in a computer or other system
A specification consists of a metric and a value For example, if the Objective Technical Competency has the Outcome carry out experiments, a possible specification would be: carry out experiments at the Comprehension Level of Learning Carry out experiments is the metric; Comprehension Level of Learning is the value
ayrıntılarıyla belirtme