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İngilizce - Türkçe
(Askeri) en kısa zamanda, mümkün olduğunca çabuk (as soon as possible)
en kısa zamanda

Tom en kısa zamanda onu aramanı istiyor. - Tom wants you to call him ASAP.

Tom en kısa zamanda buraya gelmeni istiyor. - Tom wants you to get here ASAP.

(As soon as possible) Mümkün olan en kısa sürede
(As soon as possible) Mümkün olduğu kadar kısa süre içinde

I'll get there asap.

mümkün olabildiğince çabuk
(A soon as possible) Olabildiğince çabuk, mümkün olduğunca kısa sürede
bir an evvel
reply asap
hemen cevaplayın
please reply asap
lütfen hemen cevaplayın
Türkçe - Türkçe
İngilizce - İngilizce
As soon as possible
asap is an abbreviation for `as soon as possible'. The colonel ordered, `I want two good engines down here asap.'. as soon as possible. the abbreviation of as soon as possible
quickly, speedily, posthaste
Metasolv, formerly Nortel Networks, and Architel Solutions product referred to as Automatic Service Activation Program (ASAP) ASAP delivers service activation through the process of receiving service requests from the service order entry system, translating them into network element commands, and provisioning network elements
American Society for Automation in Pharmacy also, Analytic Systems Automated Purchasing
AHOS SHEF Automatic Processing System
Cisco Any Service, Any Port solution
Academic Support and Advising Programs   Freshman advising offices and other academic support services
ASAP stands for Application System Authorization Process ASAP is used to send email notification(s) to the reviewers (from the preparers) that an update has occurred and to send additional notifications to other interested parties ASAP can also be used to refer to the notice that is produced by the ASAP system
As soon as possible In ITV, this term means "as soon as possible after NTID projects, RIT projects for deaf students, exchange projects with use dates, and exchange projects without use dates "
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