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İngilizce - Türkçe
seçme eserler veya parçalar
{i} seçme eserler
{i} seçmeler
İngilizce - İngilizce
A collection of excerpts or quotes
the literary collection of the sayings of and about Confucius, compiled posthumously by his disciples
Literally "digested conversations," the most reliable of all collections of Confucius's teachings, and one of the Four Books (shu) of Confucianism; the principal themes include humanity (jen), social custom (li), the superior person (chun-tzu), filial obedience (hsiao), the rectification of names (cheng ming), and good government
contingency subordinates endeavor omnibus
The collection of Confucius' sayings
The book of sayings of Confucius The book of sayings of Confucius
a collection of excerpts from a literary work
{i} extracts from a literary work or from a collection of literary works
A collection of literary fragments
Analects of Confucius
{i} extracts from the works of Confucius



    Eş anlamlılar




    [ 'a-n&l-"ek(t)s ] (noun plural.) 1652. 1658, from Ancient Greek analekta (“things chosen”) from ανα- (ana-, “up”) + λέγειν (legein, “to gather”).“” in the Online Etymology Dictionary, Douglas Harper, 2001 Compare lecture.