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He believed he rarely got sick because of his well-balanced diet.

A pleasing combination of characteristics
Referring to wiring: Audio signals require two wires In an unbalanced line the shield is one of those wires In a balanced line, there are two wires plus the shield For the system to be balanced requires balanced electronics and usually employs XLR connectors Balanced lines are less apt to pick up external noise This is usually not a factor in home audio, but is a factor in professional audio requiring hundreds or even thousands of feet of cabling Many higher quality home audio cables terminated with RCA jacks are balanced designs using two conductors and a shield instead of one conductor plus shield
approval Someone who is balanced remains calm and thinks clearly, even in a difficult situation. I have to prove myself as a respectable, balanced, person. see also balance
As in "balanced circulation", e g in the setting of VSD and PS The pulmonary stenosis is such that there is neither excessive pulmonary blood flow (which might lead to pulmonary hypertension) nor inadequate pulmonary blood flow (which might lead to marked cyanosis) see also ventricular imbalance
{s} stable, having equal distribution of weight
budget condition that exists when the government spends only as much as it takes in
  Pertaining to electrical symmetry   (188)
past of balance
A beer whose many taste impressions are all of equivalent intensities, so that none stands out from the others; requires a modifier as in "well-balanced" (described here) or "poorly-balanced" (a beer with some tastes more pronounced than others)
A wine in which acidity, sweetness, tannin and flavor are all in perfect harmony
A type of line in which both wires are electrically equal
This is a difficult term When tasting coffees for defects, professional tasters use the term to describe a coffee that does not localize at any one point on the palate; in other words, it is not imbalanced in the direction of some one (often undesirable) taste characteristic As a term of general evaluation, balance appears to mean that no one quality overwhelms all others, but there is enough complexity in the coffee to arouse interest It is a term that on occasion damns with faint praise The Mexican sample should be most balanced, but it has less to balance than the other two coffees If you tasted the Yemen Mocha against a standard Ethiopian Harrar you would probably sense how the Yemen coffee is similar to the Harrar, but much more balanced A well-balanced coffee contains all the basic characteristics to the right extent
A type of audio connection that uses the three leads in a cable, connector and jack as part of a phase-cancellation scheme to boost signal and reduce noise
total debits and credits are equal; "the books looked balanced"
study trial in which a particular type of subject is equally represented in each study group
being in a state of proper balance or equilibrium; "the carefully balanced seesaw"; "a properly balanced symphony orchestra"; "a balanced assessment of intellectual and cultural history"; "a balanced blend of whiskeys"; "the educated man shows abalanced development of all his powers
A venture fund investment strategy which includes investment in portfolio companies at a variety of stages of development (Seed, Early Stage, Later Stage)
approval A balanced report, book, or other document takes into account all the different opinions on something and presents information in a fair and reasonable way. a fair, balanced, comprehensive report
Invest in a mix of stocks and bonds