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Türkçe - İngilizce
(İnşaat) specifications
A set of requirements defining an exact description of an object or a process
{i} detailed and precise written requirements of materials and dimensions and quality of work for something that will be manufactured or installed or built; specific written requirements forwarded to a designer or artist or manufacturer; information regarding a software program or hardware device or a program language that describes the features of the product and how it operates (Computers)
Contractual document describing in detail the work to be performed; quality, type and manufacturer of materials and equipment for a particular project
or specs The complete and precise written description of all the features of a particular printing job, defining as paper grade and quantity, printing quality, and binding method Also used for any Web site or other digital publishing project
The copy quota, deadline and waiting period of a luck chain letter Also the number of names on a managed list, if present For exchange or money chain letters, these plus the number of items or cash amount to send For pyramid schemes, these plus the amount to sell each copy for, usually equal to the amount to send
measurable performance on physical parameters such as weight, speed, or bandwidth
Documents (the USA military service had as many as 28,000 specifications) that describe products or services, for the purpose of procurement Differs from standards
a set of written specifications which detail processes that must be followed during construction
The group of error limits within which each device will operate
A part of the construction documents contained in the project manual consisting of written requirements for materials, equipment, construction systems, standards and workmanship
The documents that prescribe the requirements with which the product or service has to conform Note: A specification would refer to or include drawings, patterns or other relevant documents and should also indicate the means and the criteria whereby conformity can be checked
Specifications are engineering requirements for judging the acceptability of a part characteristic For the production part approval process, every feature of the product as identified by engineering specifications must be measured Actual measurement and test results are required Specifications should not be confused with control limits which represent "the voice of the process"
A description for contract purposes, of materials & workmanship required in a structure also shown by the related drawings
(AKA “specs”) Architectural details of a window or door, usually including standard features and available options
Complete and precise descriptions of paper, ink, binding, quantity and other features of a printing job
plural of specification
Architectural details of a window or door
that which identifies what service or good the College seeks to obtain Should identify minimum requirements
(Otomotiv) The size, description, or part numbers for various items needed to maintain or repair a vehicle
(Ticaret) terms of reference
bid document
list of conditions; specification; contract
document listing the terms of a contract
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şartnameler teriminin Türkçe Türkçe sözlükte anlamı

(Osmanlı Dönemi) f. Bir sözleşmede olan şartların yazıldığı resmi kâğıt
Satın alma, satma, yaptırma, kiralama gibi işleri gerçekleştirmek isteyen tarafın düzenlediği, her iki tarafın da uymayı üstlendikleri şartların tespit edildiği resmî belge