zorla içeri girmek

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Türkçe - İngilizce
break into
To successfully enter a profession or business

He hopes to break into show business.

To open or begin to use

I finally broke into the second package of cookies.

To enter illegally or by force, especially in order to commit a crime

Somebody broke into his car and stole his tools and CDs.

To begin suddenly

The horse broke into a gallop as they neared the barn.

If you break into a profession or area of business, especially one that is difficult to succeed in, you manage to have some success in it. She finally broke into films after an acclaimed stage career
If someone breaks into something they suddenly start doing it. For example if someone breaks into a run they suddenly start running, and if they break into song they suddenly start singing. The moment she was out of sight she broke into a run Then, breaking into a smile, he said, `I brought you something.'
express or utter spontaneously; "break into a yodel"; "break into a song"; "break into tears"
If someone breaks into a building, they get into it by force. There was no one nearby who might see him trying to break into the house
change pace; "The dancers broke into a cha-cha"; "The horse broke into a gallop"
force one's way into (often with the intent to steal goods); interrupt, cut in; begin suddenly, start abruptly; enter, get into
express or utter spontaneously; "break into a yodel"; "break into a song"; "break into tears
zorla içeri girme
zorla içeri girme
force entry
zorla içeri girmek