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İngilizce - İngilizce
Any of various forms of winch, in which a rope or cable is wound around a cylinder, used for lifting heavy weights
– A device used for hauling up the anchor
A type of winch, fitted with a wildcat for hauling chain, or a gypsy for rope
An apparatus in which horizontal drums or wheels are operated by means of a steam engine, pneumatic engine, hydraulic engine, or electric motor for handling heavy anchor chains, hawsers, etc
lifting device consisting of a horizontal cylinder turned by a crank on which a cable or rope winds
An L-shaped tool used for opening paddles on lock gates Often carried in the waist band or belt of a boater
A handle or key for opening and closing lock paddles, shaped in the form of the letter L and having a square socket at one end to fit on the square of the spindle operating the paddle gear
To raise with, or as with, a windlass; to use a windlass
{i} device which is used to hoist objects up by means of a rope attached to a horizontal cylinder that is turned manually or mechanically, winch; hoist
A windlass is a mechanical device for lifting heavy objects, which uses a motor to pull a rope or chain around a cylinder. = winch. a machine for pulling or lifting heavy objects (vindass, from vinda + ass )
A winch used to raise and lower a ship's anchor
In vessels the windlass is often used instead of the capstan for raising the anchor
{f} raise, hoist up; raise with a windlass
1 A winch used for hauling cable, anchor chain or line; 2 A winch with its drum on which the line is wrapped turning on a horizontal axis; Compare to capstan 3 A mechanical device used for hoisting anchors or other heavy objects
To take a roundabout course; to work warily or by indirect means
A machine for working cables, and often used in weighing anchors, and generally mounted in the bows of the ship The windlass is distinguished from a capstan by having the barrel, or cable spool in a horizontal position
An apparatus resembling a winch or windlass, for bending the bow of an arblast, or crossbow
A handle rewuired to operate locks Used to prevent unauthorised persons from operating locks
"A cylinder on an axle, turned by a crank or brace [or, on the Lady, by direct manpower], useful for hoisting and hauling " (Uden & Cooper) A windlass revolves around a horizontal axis, as opposed to a capstan, which rotates around a vertical axis
A winding and circuitous way; a roundabout course; a shift
The machine used for raising the anchor and chain cable
Rotating drum device used for hauling line or chain to raise and lower an anchor
It is usually set upon the forecastle, and is worked by hand or steam
A machine for raising weights, consisting of a horizontal cylinder or roller moving on its axis, and turned by a crank, lever, or similar means, so as to wind up a rope or chain attached to the weight
Once you get the anchor out there, you'll have to bring it back in On a 41' catamaran, the anchor is going to be pretty heaving and hauling in rope, then chain is not an easy task Enter the Windlass basically it's a winch on it's side and designed to handle chain The other key feature is that it's electric! Push a button and in comes the anchor!
A windlass
differential windlass
n. A hoisting device that has two drums of different sizes on the same axis. A line wound on the larger and unwound from the smaller drum provides extra lifting power. Also called Chinese windlass
nautical, plural of windlass



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    /ˈwəndləs/ /ˈwɪndləs/


    [ 'win(d)-l&s ] (noun.) 15th century. Middle English windels or windas, Old Norse vindass, from vinda (“to wind”) + ass (“pole”). Confer Icelandic vindilass.

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