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İngilizce - İngilizce
Greek fire, Byzantine fire
A spreading disease of the skin, particularly erysipelas
A rapidly spreading fire, often occurring in wildland areas, that is out of control
Something that acts quickly and uncontrollably
{n} gunpowder rolled up wet, a disease
An unplanned and uncontrolled fire spreading through vegetative fuels, at times involving structures
And wildland fire that is not a prescribed fire
is any unplanned fire
An unplanned wildland fire requiring suppression action or other action according to agency policy
Uncontrolled fire burning in vegetation, structures and other improvements
An unwanted wildland fire
an unwanted fire that requires measures of control
a raging and rapidly spreading conflagration
A sort of lightning unaccompanied by thunder
A free-burning fire requiring a suppression response
a free burning and unwanted wildland fire requiring a suppression action
A fire burning out of control
Any fire other than a controlled burn or a prescribed burn, occurring on wildland A free-burning fire unaffected by fire suppression measures They frequently need to be suppressed, but in some areas they are allowed to burn for ecological or economic reasons
A disease of sheep, attended with inflammation of the skin
An unplanned or unwanted natural or human-caused fire, or a prescribed fire that threatens to escape its bounds
If something, especially news or a rumour, spreads like wildfire, it spreads extremely quickly. These stories are spreading like wildfire through the city. a fire that moves quickly and cannot be controlled spread like wildfire spread (2)
Any fire occurring on wildlands that is not meeting management objectives and thus requires a suppression response
A fire, naturally caused or caused by humans, that is not meeting land management objectives
any fire that is not burning for a prescribed management purpose or being managed as a prescribed fire
Any wildfire not designated and managed as a prescribed fire with an approved prescription
(1) A fire requiring suppression action, as contrasted with a prescribed fire burning with prepared lines enclosing a designated area, under prescribed conditions (2) A free burning fire
A wildfire is a fire that starts, usually by itself, in a wild area such as a forest, and spreads rapidly, causing great damage. a wildfire in Montana that's already burned thousands of acres of rich grassland
An old name for erysipelas
A composition of inflammable materials, which, kindled, is very hard to quench; Greek fire
A fire occurring on wildland that is not meeting management objectives and thus requires a suppression response
Unplanned fire requiring suppression action Can be contrasted with a prescribed fire that burns within prepared lines, enclosing a designated area, under predetermined conditions
{i} uncontrollable blaze; highly flammable material; powerful lightning lacking thunder; phosphorous light which hovers over the ground in marshy areas, ignis fatuus
spread like wildfire
To spread or disseminate rapidly or uncontrollably

The propaganda of the rebels spread like wildfire, and the hopes of the more daring Irish Catholics rose high. “Would that we knew if the hour of our .

plural of wildfire



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    Eş anlamlılar

    forest fire


    /ˈwīldˌfīər/ /ˈwaɪldˌfaɪɜr/


    [ -"fIr ] (noun.) 12th century. Wild + fire. In the Middle Ages, the term referred to Greek fire.

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