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İngilizce - Türkçe
i., k.dili. kendini bir şey zanneden genç
kendini beğenmiş
{i} zıpır delikanlı
kibirli kimse
{i} kendini bir şey sanan delikanlı
kendini bir şey zanneden delikanlı
{i} küçük çocuk

Buraya geri gel, seni küçük çocuk! - Come back here, you young whippersnapper!

İngilizce - İngilizce
a young and cheeky or presumptuous person

Eisenhower thought that the President-elect, his junior by over 25 years, was merely a young whippersnapper..

someone who is unimportant but cheeky and presumptuous
disapproval If you refer to a young person as a whippersnapper, you disapprove of them because you think that they are behaving more confidently than they should. a young person who is too confident and does not show enough respect to older people (Probably from snipper-snapper (16-19 centuries), probably from snip + snap)
A diminutive, insignificant, or presumptuous person
{i} young person who is arrogant and assuming
plural of whippersnapper