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(Hukuk) Kuvvet; cebir
(Hukuk) Karşı konulamaz bedensel baskı
(Osmanlı Dönemi) Güç etmek, zorlaştırmak
İngilizce - İngilizce
Abbreviation of viscount
Force; power
(Address Abbr.) Vista
An island of western Croatia off the Dalmatian coast south-southwest of Split. It is a popular resort
A service provided to the public in which the public is supplied with information regarding opportunities or activities on the land; usually but not restricted to recreational opportunities
Moral power
{i} power, strength (Latin)
Abbreviation for visible
Physical force
Visual sighting
Visible channel/wavelengths 0 5 - 0 9 um
"Power"; This is a (very valuable) magical substance, necessary to the enchanting of magical artefacts, and to a number of types of powerful spell Quantities of Vis are measured in pawns, rooks & queens
Calculates the visability from Node to Node Can take up to 5 minutes tops to compile this stage
Vehicle Identifier Section (last eight characters of ISO VIN)
i,j,H [-]: 400 x 400 x 12 values: Visibility normalized to the maximum value at a given height level
vis comica
Comic force

Also Steiner tells of someone who claimed that the comic elements comes about when someone has the vis comica, or power of being comical. Again - the dormitive principle at work.

vis major
A greater force; "act of God"; unavoidable accident
vis medicatrix naturae
The ability of the body to heal itself without intervention
vis versa
Common misspelling of vice versa
A date or escort in a social event

Have you seen Mary's vis-à-vis before?.

One of two (or more) people facing or opposite each other during a formal dance, at a dinner table etc

That was what Miss McKenna said, and the Sergeant who was my vis-à-vis looked the same thing.

face to face (with another)
A small horse-drawn carriage for two people sitting facing each other

there is not a greater difference between a single-horse chair and madam Pompadour’s vis a vis, than betwixt a single amour, and an amour thus nobly doubled.

In a position facing a specified or implied subject
In relation to; compared with

Canada's role vis-à-vis the United States' in Afghanistan.

having two portraits facing each other
Opposite, across from, set so as to be facing

He was seated vis-à-vis the president.

A person holding a corresponding position in another organisation; a counterpart

I talked with my vis-à-vis in the French embassy.

Common misspelling of vis-à-vis
(French) face to face
vis major
a natural and unavoidable catastrophe that interrupts the expected course of events; "he discovered that his house was not insured against acts of God"
vis major
An accident for which no one is responsible, an act of God (G)
vis major
A superior force which under certain circumstances is held to exempt from contract obligations; inevitable accident; a civil-law term used as nearly equivalent to, but broader than, the common-law term act of God (which see)
vis major
An accident for which no one is responsible; an act of God occurrence
vis major
= An accident for which no one is responsible, an act of God
vis major
An accident for which no one is responsible, an act of God
You use vis-à-vis when you are considering a relationship or comparison between two things or quantities. Each currency is given a value vis-à-vis the other currencies
{e} (French) compared with; in regard to, in relation to; opposite; face to face with
a person or thing having the same function or characteristics as another
A narrow coach, seating only two people “face to face”, used for ceremonial occasions It was soon superseded by Dress Chariots and State Coaches, but the name was used for carriages where the occupants sat opposite each other See a photograph of a real Kinross Vis-a-Vis here
face-to-face; face-to-face with; "they sat vis-a-vis at the table"; "I found myself vis-a-vis a burly policeman
face to face with, opposite to
A four-seater in which the two passengers faced the driver Used around the turn of the century
small sofa that seats two people
{i} (French) person or thing that is face to face (opposite another); opposite number; counterpart; love seat, small sofa for two people
face-to-face; face-to-face with; "they sat vis-a-vis at the table"; "I found myself vis-a-vis a burly policeman"

and if hi-vis garments are not worn, it is all too easy for a motorist not to spot you until it is too late.

Türkçe - İngilizce
(Tıp) vice

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    /ˈvəs/ /ˈvɪs/


    [ 'vis ] (noun.) 1601. From Latin vis, from Proto-Indo-European *weyǝ- (“power”). More distantly, compare also vigil, vigor, and vital, from similar PIE roots and meanings (lively, power, life), via Latin.

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