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İngilizce - İngilizce
A person (especially a musician) with masterly ability, technique, or personal style
Exhibiting the ability of a virtuoso
a master in the technique of some particular fine art
{n} one skilled in curiosities
A person who has a very high skill level or talent
One devoted to virtu; one skilled in the fine arts, in antiquities, and the like; a collector or ardent admirer of curiosities, etc
a musician who is a consummate master of technique and artistry
The VARI*LITE Virtuoso control console provides a blend of the ground breaking features of the Artisan« console, an "industry standard" user interface and new features The Virtuoso console offers a fully integrated 3-D graphics display, designer's remote functions, 30 powerful submasters with a variety of playback modes and the ease and consistency of programming VARI*LITE luminaires, DMX moving lights and conventional lights Submitted by Piers from London, UK
{i} musical performer who plays with great talent and gracefulness; person with exceptional skill or ability in a particular field, genius, prodigy; one who has a great appreciation for and/or knowledge of fine art, connoisseur
A virtuoso performance or display shows great skill. England's football fans were hoping for a virtuoso performance against Cameroon. virtuosos someone who is a very skilful performer, especially in music
A virtuoso is someone who is extremely good at something, especially at playing a musical instrument. He was gaining a reputation as a remarkable virtuoso
A person who exhibits great technical ability, especially in music As an adjective, it describes a musical performance that exhibits, or a music composition that demands, great technical ability
A term used for musicians with very high technical standards
A performer on some instrument, as the violin or the piano, who excels in the technical part of his art; a brilliant concert player
A performer with great technical ability
someone who is dazzlingly skilled in any field
A brillant, skillful performer
having or revealing supreme mastery or skill; "a consummate artist"; "consummate skill"; "a masterful speaker"; "masterful technique"; "a masterly performance of the sonata"; "a virtuoso performance"
A virtuoso
plural of virtuoso
plural of virtuoso