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İngilizce - Türkçe
Venedik'e ait
{s} venedik
(sıfat) venedik
(isim) Venedikli
venetian blind
venetian blind
venetian blind

Tom panjurları kapattı. - Tom closed the venetian blinds.

venetian blind

Tom jaluzileri açtı ve manzaraya baktı. - Tom opened the venetian blinds and looked out at the view.

Tom jaluzileri kapattı, bu yüzden komşular içeri bakamadı. - Tom closed the venetian blinds, so the neighbors couldn't look in.

venetian red
venedik kırmızısı
Venetian window
üç gözlü pencere
venetian blinds
Venetian sumac
boyacısumağı, kotinus
type term
türü dönem
İngilizce - İngilizce
Of, from, or relating to Venice
An inhabitant or a resident of Venice and the region of Venezia
The Romance language spoken mostly in the Veneto region of Italy, sometimes considered to be a dialect of Italian. It should not be confused with Venetic, an extinct Indo-European language once spoken in the same area
{a} pertaining to Venice
{n} a native of Venice, a city and state
{s} from or relating to Venice (Italy)
{i} resident of Venice (Italy)
type term
Italian beads named after the Venice glass work area that was moved to the island of Murano in 1292 Venice is still a major bead manufacturing area today
A Venetian blind
Of or pertaining to Venice in Italy
of or relating to or characteristic of Venice or its people; "Venetian glass"; "Venetian canals"
a resident of Venice
A native or inhabitant of Venice
a resident of Venice of or relating to or characteristic of Venice or its people; "Venetian glass"; "Venetian canals
Venetian blind
A blind consisting of overlapping horizontal, flat slats, usually made of metal, vinyl or wood, that can be tilted so as to let in more or less light
Venetian blinds
plural form of Venetian blind
Venetian ceruse
a cosmetic containing cerussite, which was used as a skin whitener during the 16th century and caused lead poisoning
Venetian swell
a swell organ with blinds patterned on Venetian blinds closing the swell box
Venetian swells
plural form of Venetian swell
venetian red
A brownish red colour

venetian red colour:.

venetian red
Of a brownish red colour
venetian reds
plural form of venetian red
Venetian blind
type of window shade made of thin rotating slats
Venetian blind
A Venetian blind is a window blind made of thin horizontal strips which can be adjusted to let in more or less light. a type of window covering made of long flat bars of plastic, wood, or metal that are fastened together and can be moved to change the amount of light that comes through the window
Venetian glass
A fine, often colored and ornamented glassware made in or near Venice, Italy. Variety of glassware made in Venice from the 13th century to the present. In the 15th century efforts were concentrated on the perfection of cristallo (clear glass that approximated rock crystal in appearance). By the 16th century Venetian glassmakers mastered techniques of adding colour and of removing the smoky tint produced by metal in the glass material. These and other secrets were guarded closely, and defecting workers were severely punished. But eventually many Venetian glassmakers did defect, and the techniques became common knowledge in France, Germany, The Netherlands, and England
Venetian school
Renaissance artists of Venice whose work is characterized by a love of light and colour. Jacopo Bellini was the first in this influential line, followed by his son Gentile Bellini, the instructor of Venice's great High Renaissance painters, including Giorgione and Titian. In due course Titian became the dominant force in Venetian painting, and his rich colours and painterly technique were widely imitated. Other 16th-century masters included Veronese, known for his vast, brilliantly coloured, pageantlike canvases, and Tintoretto, who combined the Mannerists' rapidly receding diagonals and dramatic foreshortenings with the Venetian love of light as a means of defining form and heightening drama. Giovanni Battista Tiepolo was the last important Venetian figure painter and one of the greatest artists of the Rococo period
venetian blind
a window blind made of horizontal strips that overlap when closed
venetian blind
A window treatment consisting of a series of horizontal slats that can be turned or raised to control light or privacy
venetian blue
A strong blue to greenish blue
venetian glass
fine glassware made near Venice
venetian red
A deep to strong reddish brown
venetian sumac
Old World shrub having large plumes of yellowish feathery flowers resembling puffs of smoke



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    /vəˈnēsʜən/ /vəˈniːʃən/


    [ v&-'nE-sh&n- ] (noun.) 1770. Venetia +‎ -an, from Latin Venetia (“Venice”).

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