utandırmak, rezil etmek; hayal kırıklığına uğratmak

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Türkçe - İngilizce
{f} chagrin
To bother or vex; to mortify

She was chagrined to note that the paint had dried into a blotchy mess.

A type of leather or skin with a rough surface.“chagrin” in OED Online, Oxford University Press, 1989
Distress of mind caused by a failure of aims or plans, want of appreciation, mistakes etc; vexation or mortification

e alone knew how deep was the deluded man's chagrin at the failure of the little plot which he fancied was prospering finely.

{v} to vex, hurt, tease, put out of humor
keen vexation, annoyance, or mortification, as at one's failures or errors
Chagrin is a feeling of disappointment, upset, or annoyance, perhaps because of your own failure. One of the first things we did when we moved in, to the chagrin of the architect, was to replace the leaded windows. annoyance and disappointment because something has not happened the way you hoped to sb's chagrin (chagrin ). be chagrined to feel annoyed and disappointed
{f} annoy; disappoint; cause feelings of annoyance or disappointment; humiliate
To excite ill-humor in; to vex; to mortify; as, he was not a little chagrined
cause to feel shame; hurt the pride of; "He humiliated his colleague by criticising him in front of the boss"
Vexation; mortification
{i} annoyance; disappointment; humiliation
strong feelings of embarrassment
Distress of mind, plus a sense of embarrassment. Particularly used in situations which would not cause embarrassment for another person
To be vexed or annoyed
Annoyance, vexation or discouragement
utandırmak, rezil etmek; hayal kırıklığına uğratmak