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İngilizce - Türkçe
{s} rahatsız, hasta: I feel unwell today. Bugün kendimi iyi hissetmiyorum

Sami kendini kötü hissediyordu. - Sami was feeling unwell.


O, hasta olmasına rağmen okula geldi. - He came to school even though he was unwell.

{s} iyi değil
{s} keyifsiz
İngilizce - İngilizce
Not well; indisposed; not in good health; somewhat ill; ailing
Specifically, ill from menstruation; affected with, or having, catamenial; menstruant
{a} not well, disordered, sick, afflicted
somewhat ill or prone to illness; "my poor ailing grandmother"; "feeling a bit indisposed today"; "you look a little peaked"; "feeling poorly"; "a sickly child"; "is unwell and can't come to work"
undergoing menstruation
{s} sick, ill
If you are unwell, you are ill. He had been riding in Hyde Park, but felt unwell as he was being driven back to his office late this afternoon. ill, especially for a short time
looked unwell
appears sick, seemed ill, looked unhealthy