listen to the pronunciation of unused
İngilizce - İngilizce
not accustomed

I am unused to the dark nights of the countryside.

not used

I have two unused vouchers for a free meal.

{a} unemployed, disused
( -- n ) number of unused data bytes xt = 0x1B0
not used, new
If you are unused to something, you have not often done it or experienced it before, so it feels unusual and unfamiliar to you. Mother was entirely unused to such hard work. not being used, or never used. unused to (doing) sth not experienced in dealing with something
Mint or Uncancelled without Gum - (Generally on earlier issues Pre-1900)
The condition of a stamp when it does not have any cancellation marks USED - The condition of a stamp when it has been cancelled
Not habituated; unaccustomed
Not used; as, an unused book; an unused apartment
{s} new, not second-hand
not yet put into use; "we boughtt an unused car for a change
un·used Pronounced for meaning 1., and for meaning 2..1. Something that is unused has not been used or is not being used at the moment. unused containers of food and drink
not yet used
= Product that is too old to sell as new but has been represented to DDS as new These are typically excess inventory or spare parts from a large manufacturer
Uncanceled stamp that has lost its original gum
Machine never installed for service
The condition of a stamp that has no cancellation or other sign of use Aka mint
An uncanceled stamp that has not been used but has a hinge mark or some other characteristic or defect that keeps it from being considered a mint stamp Uncanceled stamps without gum may have been used and missed being canceled, or they may have lost their gum by accident
not yet used or soiled; "a fresh shirt"; "a fresh sheet of paper"; "an unused envelope"
not yet put into use; "we boughtt an unused car for a change"
not in active use; "the machinery sat idle during the strike"; "idle hands"
Stamp has not been used in the post may be partially or wholly without gum, or bear traces of old hinges on the back
unused to(p)
(usually followed by `to') infrequently exposed to; "feet unused to shoes