listen to the pronunciation of underrate
İngilizce - İngilizce
to underestimate; to make too low a rate or estimate
to undervalue
{f} underestimate, undervalue, belittle
{n} a price less than the proper value
{v} to rate to low, to value too low
To rate too low; to rate below the value; to undervalue
make too low an estimate of; "he underestimated the work that went into the renovation"; "Don't underestimate the danger of such a raft trip on this river"
If you underrate someone or something, you do not recognize how clever, important, or significant they are. We women have a lot of good business skills, although we tend to underrate ourselves He underrated the seriousness of William's head injury. overrate + underrated under·rat·ed He is a very underrated poet
A price less than the value; as, to sell a thing at an underrate
better than people think or say
{s} underestimated; undervalued
Not given enough recognition for its quality