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İngilizce - Türkçe
küçük tekerlek
güçlükle sürmek
{f} yuvarla
güçlükle ilerlemek
{f} (tekerlekli taşıtı) itmek/çekmek
yuvarlamak trundle bed açılır kapanır karyolanın altına itilebilen tekerlekli yatak
{f} yuvarlayarak taşımak
{f} iterek sürmek (tekerlekli şey)
tekerlek (küçük)
{f} (tekerlekli taşıt) gelmek/gitmek
domuz arabası ile taşımak
trundle bed
tekerlekli karyola

Halam ve eniştemi ziyaret ettiğimde tekerlekli karyolada uyurdum. - I used to sleep in a trundle bed when I would visit my aunt and uncle.

trundle along
trundle bed
tekerlekli yatak
İngilizce - İngilizce
To wheel or roll, especially by pushing

Every morning, the vendors trundle their carts out into the market.

A low bed on wheels that can be rolled underneath another bed
A small wheel or roller
Move heavily (on wheels)
To (cause to) roll slowly and heavily on wheels
The process of doing a turd (compare a liquid trundle)

My mate went to the toilet to take a trundle.

{n} any round rolling thing, a carriage
{v} to twirl, roll, bowl, turn round
If a vehicle trundles somewhere, it moves there slowly, often with difficulty or an irregular movement. The train eventually trundled in at 7.54
To go or move on small wheels; as, a bed trundles under another
small wheel or roller
If you say that someone is trundling somewhere, you mean that they are walking slowly, often in a tired way or with heavy steps. Girls trundle in carrying heavy book bags. to move slowly along on wheels, or to make something do this by pushing or pulling it (trundle (16-21 centuries), from trendle (11-17 centuries), from trendel)
A round body; a little wheel
A lantern wheel
{f} roll, cause to roll; transport in a wheeled vehicle; cause to rotate (Archaic)
To roll, or go by revolving, as a hoop
a low bed to be slid under a higher bed
To cause to roll or revolve; to roll along; as, to trundle a hoop or a ball
One of the bars of a lantern wheel
A lind of low-wheeled cart; a truck
If you trundle something somewhere, especially a small, heavy object with wheels, you move or roll it along slowly. The old man lifted the barrow and trundled it away
To roll (a thing) on little wheels; as, to trundle a bed or a gun carriage
A motion as of something moving upon little wheels or rollers; a rolling motion
move heavily; "the streetcar trundled down the avenue"
small wheel or roller move heavily; "the streetcar trundled down the avenue
the process of doing a turd (c.f. a liquid trundle)
See under Lantern
trundle along
To move slowly

The old horse and cart trundles along the path.

trundle bed
A low bed, designed to be rolled/stored away, usually on casters, under a higher bed, e.g. for temporary use by guests
trundle beds
plural form of trundle bed
trundle bed
a low bed to be slid under a higher bed
trundle bed
A low bed on casters that can be rolled under another bed for storage
trundle bed
bed on wheels, portable bed, cot
to trundle
{v} trull
{n} the act of twirling or rolling on
A trundle
plural of trundle
third-person singular of trundle