listen to the pronunciation of trudge
İngilizce - İngilizce
To walk wearily with heavy, slow steps
To trudge along or over a route etc
A tramp, i.e. a long and tiring walk
{v} to jog on heavily, go, walk, moil
walk heavily and firmly, as when weary, or through mud; "Mules plodded in a circle around a grindstone"
{f} walk laboriously, walk heavily, plod, tramp; walk
a long difficult walk
If you trudge somewhere, you walk there slowly and with heavy steps, especially because you are tired or unhappy. We had to trudge up the track back to the station. Trudge is also a noun. We were reluctant to start the long trudge home. to walk with slow heavy steps, especially because you are tired or it is difficult to walk (Perhaps copying the action)
To walk or march with labor; to jog along; to move wearily
past of trudge
{i} one who walks in a weary manner
someone who walks in a laborious heavy-footed manner
one who trudges
third-person singular of trudge
present participle of trudge