tortulu su

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Türkçe - İngilizce
connate water
Water that was trapped in a geologic formation at the time the formation was deposited If the formation was deposited in the ocean or a saline lake, the connate water is also saline
Water retained in pore spaces and interstices of rocks since the rock was formed It is inactive fossil water and may be interstitial or interstratal Connate water holds a potential for use on space missions Moon or planetary rocks would be the source
Water entrapped in the interstices of the rock (either sedimentary or extrusive igneous) at the time the rock was deposited It may be derived either from ocean water or land water Often used incorrectly to denote formation water or interstitial water The composition of the original water may have been altered during the compaction process by entrapment of ions, extrusion of water, diffusion, osmosis, etc
The water present in a petroleum reservoir in the same zone occupied by oil and gas considered by some to be the residue of the primal sea, connate water occurs as a film of water around each grain of sand in granular reservoir rock and is held in place by capillary attraction
tortulu su