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İngilizce - İngilizce
Referring to a tangent, moving at a tangent to something

The meteor came in on a tangential orbit and exploded about 8 or 10 miles above the earth's surface, just south of the Arctic Circle.

Only indirectly related

That subject is tangential to our discussion, we can't let it distract us.

Merely touching, positioned as a tangent

The archoplasm divides and forms a very large spindle which first lies tangential to the surface of the nucleus.

Merely touching
of or relating to or acting along or in the direction of a tangent; "tangential forces"
of superficial relevance if any; "a digressive allusion to the day of the week"; "a tangential remark"
of or relating to or acting along or in the direction of a tangent; "tangential forces
A direction along the tangent of the rim, i e , following a straight line perpendicular to the radius Outer notes are usually oriented tangentially, i e , with their length axis pointing along the rim
If something is tangential to something else, it is at a tangent to it. point T, where the demand curve is tangential to the straight line L. tangential information, remarks etc are only related to a particular subject in an indirect way tangential to
in the same direction as If tie a stone to a string, and whirl it round in a circle, and then the string breaks, the stone will fly off in a tangential direction
Of or pertaining to a tangent; in the direction of a tangent
If you describe something as tangential, you mean that it has only a slight or indirect connection with the thing you are concerned with, and is therefore not worth considering seriously. Too much time was spent discussing tangential issues
{s} touching at a single point (Geometry); irrelevant, divergent
Tangent to a curve In circular motion, used to mean tangent to the circle, perpendicular to the radial direction Cf radial
tangential bifurcation
In the mathematical area of bifurcation theory a saddle-node bifurcation or tangential bifurcation is a local bifurcation in which two fixed points (or equilibria) of a dynamical system collide and annihilate each other. The term 'saddle-node bifurcation' is most often used in reference to continuous dynamical systems. In discrete dynamical systems, the same bifurcation is often instead called a fold bifurcation. Another name is blue skies bifurcation in reference to the sudden creation of two fixed points
In the direction of a tangent
in passing; "touched on it tangentially"
in a tangential manner
in passing; "touched on it tangentially
In a tangential manner or direction



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