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İngilizce - Türkçe
(Botanik, Bitkibilim) boyuncuk
küçük hançer
{i} oyma bıçağı
{i} cerrah mili
{i} kıl gibi ince organ
{i} keski
kıla benzer ince uzuv
(Tıp) stile
İngilizce - İngilizce
A slender medical probe or device
A stiletto or poniard
An engraving tool
A stiff, slender organ of an animal
A style of a plant's flower
Any small, more or less rigid, bristlelike organ; as, the caudal stylets of certain insects; the ventral stylets of certain Infusoria
Slender, elongated mouth part, usually of an insect, used for stinging or piercing prey or sucking sap
A stiff wire, inserted in catheters or other tubular instruments to maintain their shape and prevent clogging
small needle-like appendage; especially the feeding organ of a tardigrade
A stylet is the set of values associated with a particular word of design vocabulary For example, a definition of the `filter' stylet might express that `a filter is a component that has only input ports and output ports ' See also: Type, Class
A long mouth part of an insect, normally used to extract fluids
A rigid, metal object within a catheter designed to facilitate insertion
A small poniard; a stiletto
An instrument for examining wounds and fistulas, and for passing setons, and the like; a probe, called also specillum
{i} stiletto, dagger; any sharp pointed object; thin probe for examining wounds (Medicine)





    [ stI-'let, 'stI-l&t ] (noun.) 1697. From French stylet (“stiletto”), from Middle French stilet (“stiletto”), from Old Italian stiletto

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