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İngilizce - Türkçe
{i} aperatif

Eğer tuhaf bir şey olursa kırmızı marş düğmesine basın. - If something strange happens, press the red starter-button.

(Spor) başlama hakemi

Bu harika bir konuşma başlatıcısı. - It's a great conversation starter.

Bu iyi bir konuşma başlatıcısı. - It's a good conversation starter.

yarışa katılan kimse
yol veren
yol verici
harekete geçirici
yoğurt mayası
yarışa katılan kişi/at
meze türünden ilk yemek
{i} k.dili. başlangıç
{i} oto. marş
başlayan veya başlatan kimse
{i} yarışa katılan kimse/at
{i} başlayan kimse
{i} yarışta çıkışı veren kimse
{i} meze
{i} marş motoru
trende hareket memuru
{i} spor starter, çıkışçı, başlama hakemi
{i} başlatan kimse
starter culture
başlatıcı kültür
starter feed
(Denizbilim) başlangıç yemi
starter pinion
marş dişlisi
starter relay
marş rölesi
starter button
marş düğmesi
starter button
ateşleme düğmesi
starter cable
ateşleme kablosu
starter push-button
marş düğmesi
Starter Clutch
(Mühendislik) Mars rublesi

The starting system of the motorcycles consists of a starter and a one way starter clutch.

starter button
ateşleme düğmesi, mars düğmesi
starter cable
ateşleme kablosu, mars kablosu, starter kablosu
starter cell
başlangıç hücresi/yeri
starter culture
Bir fermentasyonu gerçekleştirmek üzere eklenen mikroorganizma kültürü
starter kit
başlangıç kiti
starter wife
starter karısı
Starter package
(Tekstil) Rezerveli masura
starter alternator
starter jeneratörü
starter and integral solenoid
(Otomotiv) marş ve entegre selenoid
starter aperture
(Otomotiv) marş motoru boşluğu
starter armature
marş enduisi
starter battery
yol verme akümülatörü
starter battery
(Otomotiv) marş aküsü
starter battery
(Otomotiv) marş bataryası
starter blocking
marş kilidi
starter brushes
(Otomotiv) marş motoru kömürleri
starter cable
(Otomotiv,Teknik) marş kablosu
starter cable
starter kablosu
starter cablo
(Otomotiv) marş kablosu
starter cell
(Bilgisayar,Teknik) başlangıç hücresi
starter cell
(Bilgisayar,Teknik) başlangıç yeri
starter claw
starter kavraması
starter clutch
(Otomotiv) marş kavraması
starter cord
ateşleme bileziği
starter crank
krank kolu
starter cut relay
(Otomotiv) marş kesme rölesi
starter disk
starter plakası
starter diskette
başlatma disketi
starter element
starter elemanı
starter entree
(Gıda) ara sıcak yemekler
starter entree
(Gıda) ara sıcaklar
starter gear ring
ilk hareket dişli çarkı
starter handle
starter kolu
starter handle
starter tutamağı
starter heater kit
starter elemanı kiti
starter inhibit contact set
(Otomotiv) marş önleme kontak seti
starter inhibitor
marş önleyicisi
starter inhibitor relay
marş önleme rölesi
starter inhibitor switch
marş önleme sivici
starter key
marş anahtarı
starter knob
marş şalteri
starter main terminal
(Otomotiv) marş motoru ana terminali
starter motor casing
(Otomotiv) marş motoru muhafazası
starter motor casing
(Otomotiv) marş motoru gövdesi
starter motor connected
marşı çalıştırma
starter relay and switches
(Otomotiv) marş rölesi ve anahtarları
starter relay diode
(Otomotiv) marş rölesi diyotu
starter ring gear
volant dişlisi
starter signal
(Otomotiv) marş motoru sinyali
starter solenoid
(Otomotiv) marş motoru selenoidi
starter solenoid
(Otomotiv) marş selenoidi
starter solenoid
starter selenoidi
starter spring
(Otomotiv) ilk çalıştırma yayı
starter strip
(Arılık) başlangıç peteği
starter switch
marş anahtarı
starter switch
starter anahtarı
starter switch signal
(Otomotiv) marş siviç sinyali
starter switch signal
(Otomotiv) marş motoru anahtar sinyali
starter valve
starter valfi
starter winding
alan sargısı
starter's pistol
(Spor) yarış tabancası
starter's pistol
spor yarış tabancası
star delta starter
yildiz ucgen yol verici
manual starter
(Elektrik, Elektronik) starter
soft starter
(Askeri) statik yol verici
compressed air starter
tazyikli hava starteri
kick starter
ayakla basılan marş
self starter
otomatik starter
otomatik marş
bir öğünün ilk yemekleri
inertia starter
ataletli demarör, volanlı yolverici
nut starter
somun starter
Girişimci kişi
auxiliary starter
yardımcı kontak
calf starter
(Çiftçilik,Tarım) buzağı büyütme yemi
combustion starter
(Havacılık) ateşleme starteri
come under starter's orders
çıkışa hazır olmak
compressed air starter
(Otomotiv) tazyikli hava started
compressed air starter
(Havacılık) basınç hava starteri
electric starter
(İnşaat) elektrikli marş motoru
entree starter
(Gıda) ara sıcak yemekler
entree starter
(Gıda) ara sıcaklar
fire starter
(Askeri) YANGIN KUTUSU: Normal usullerle yangın çıkartılamayan hallerde kullanılan ve çok yüksek hararette alev meydana getiren kalınlaştırılmış yangın maddelerini havi, silindir şeklinde, küçük kutu
flywheel starter ring gear
(Otomotiv) düzenteker dişlisi
flywheel starter ring gear
(Otomotiv) düzeuteker dişlisi
inertia starter
(Otomotiv) volanlı yolverici
inertia starter
(Otomotiv) ataletli demarör
kick starter
motosiklet motoru
kick starter
non starter
önemsiz kimse
non starter
başarı şansı olmayan kimse
non starter
üzerinde düşünmeye değmez şey
rheostatic starter
direncli yol verici
rope starter
ip ile ilk hareket verici
self starter
self starter
shared symantec winfax starter edition settings
Paylaşımlı Symantec Winfax Starter Edition Ayarları
symantec winfax starter edition setup wizard
Symantec Winfax Starter Sürümü Kurma Sihirbazı
symantec winfax starter edition status
Symantec Winfax Starter Sürümü Durumu
there is something wrong with the starter
starterde bir sorun var
transformer starter
(Otomotiv) transformatörlü marş
warm starter
(Gıda) ara sıcak yemekler
warm starter
(Gıda) ara sıcaklar
Türkçe - Türkçe
Yarışlarda çıkış işaretini veren hakem
Bazı yarışlarda, genellikle bir tabanca ateşiyle başlama işaretini vermekle görevli kişi
İngilizce - İngilizce
Someone who starts something

baseball A starting pitcher.

A player in the starting lineup
The first course of a meal, consisting of a small, usually savoury, dish
Something that starts something

A yeast culture used to start a fermentation process.

{n} one who shrinks from his purpose
This is an electrical motor that cranks the engine by moving a drive gear into the flywheel, thereby rotating the crankshaft
food or drink to stimulate the appetite (usually served before a meal or as the first course)
One who, or that which, starts; as, a starter on a journey; the starter of a race
a contestant who is in the game at the beginning
the official who signals the beginning of a race or competition
a culture containing yeast or bacteria that is used to start the process of fermentation or souring in making butter or cheese or dough; "to make sourdough you need a starter"
a player who is on the field to play at the start of a game; a team usually makes its best players starters
an electrical device used in conjunction with a ballast for the purpose of starting an electric discharge lamp like a fluorescent lamp or HID lamp
an electric motor for starting an engine
A small volume of wort to which yeast is added, in order to activate it before it is pitched into the main batch
The pitcher who beings the game and pitches until he wins the game or is replaced by a relief pitcher
(Otomotiv) A small electrical motor that causes the engine crankshaft to begin to turn, which starts the engine running and so starts the vehicle
A mixture used as leavening in final dough The term generally refers to either batter-like or dough-like consistency mixes which are retained from one activation or bake to the next
{i} person or thing that starts; one who signals the beginning (e.g. of a race); person who starts in a game or race (Sports); self-starter (part of an engine); appetizer, first course
band, row, or seed-placed application at time of planting
A bacterial culture which produces lactic acid
Fermenting yeast added to wort to initiate fermentation
A starter is a small quantity of food that is served as the first course of a meal
Person in the flag-stand who controls the race with flags
A little bit of beer fed to the yeast a few days before brewing The idea is to get lots of yeast, so you feed it some beer and then step up the starter every day or two by feeding it more beer By brew day, you've got a big starter (lots of yeast) that you pitch into the cooled wort Big starters ensure that the yeast takes over before any air borne bacteria or wild yeast can get a foothold
The official who's responsible for ensuring a fair start He or she gives the command, "Go to the start," followed by "Ready " After the skaters have been motionless in the ready positon for a second or more, the starter fires a gun as the signal to start the race
The starter of a car is the device that starts the engine
The starters in a race are the people or animals who take part at the beginning even if they do not finish. Of the 10 starters, four were eliminated or retired
A medium used to grow yeast cells A good beer starter could consist of 6 tablespoons of malt extract, 1/4 teaspoon of yeast nutrient and 2 cups of water Boil for 15 minutes Pour into a sanitized bottle and cool to 25º Celsius before adding yeast Let stand until a foam appears on top and signs of active fermentation are present
A starting switch needed for preheat fluorescent fixtures to "start" or light a lamp It preheats the lamp cathodes andalso provides a powerful electrical "kick" to jump the currentthrough the lamp from cathode to cathode
A small electrical motor that causes the engine crankshaft to begin to turn, which starts the engine running and so starts the car
A culture that normally consists of varying percentages of lactic acid bacteria or mold spores, enzymes or other microorganisms and natural chemicals which is used to speed and control the process of curdling milk during cheesemaking
An electric motor that turns the crankshaft in order to start the engine
A small and usually weak wort used to build up small quantities of yeast to larger volumes for pitching into unfermented wort in the primary fermenter The larger quantities spur a faster and more vigorous fermentation
The official in charge of moving swimmers to the start position, signaling the beginning of the race, and ensuring that all swimmers got a fair start
a hand tool consisting of a rotating shaft with parallel handle
an electric motor for starting an engine the official who signals the beginning of a race or competition a contestant who is in the game at the beginning a culture containing yeast or bacteria that is used to start the process of fermentation or souring in making butter or cheese or dough; "to make sourdough you need a starter
An official who determines where and when golfers tee off
A dog that rouses game
any new participant in some activity
The USA Swimming official at a meet responsible for starting each heat, calling the next heat to the block, and ensuring that each swimmer gets a fair start
A kart does not have its own starter engine, like a regular car Rather, like in many race cars, it uses an external starter This is typically an electric motor, mounted together with a car battery, driving an axle which can be stuck on the outside end of the crankshaft of the engine Pressing the button on the starter will turn over the engine Some 4-cycle engines can be started by hand, however
(less frequently "tee master, master of the tee") the person in charge of controlling play at a golf course Example: The starter said we would be next on the tee
(aka: "tee master", "master of the tee") the person in charge getting groups off of the first tee on time Example: "The starter said we were up next on the tee "
A copy of the last policy or report issued by a title insurer which described the title to land upon which a new search is to be made In some states, this is called a back title letter or back title certificate
starter dough
A small amount of "live" dough used in traditional bakery to start the fermentation process necessary for preparing sourdough
starter doughs
plural form of starter dough
starter motor
An electrical motor, which is part of a modern car or truck, etc., which is used to initially turn the internal combustion engine of the vehicle to make it start
starter strip
Roll roofing or shingle strips applied along the downslope eave line before the first course of roofing and intended to fill spaces between cutout and joints of the first course
starter strips
plural form of starter strip
starter wife
A man's first wife that (usually) marries out of love and helps him achieve wealth, power, etc., but is then promptly discarded upon reaching said goal for a younger more attractive woman. - "As soon as he made his first million, Mike left his starter wife for young Oksana."
starter home
A starter home is a small, new house or flat which is cheap enough for people who are buying their first home to afford. a small house or apartment bought by people who are buying their first home
starter motor
an electric motor for starting an engine
starter pack
'starter kit the basic equipment and instructions that you need to start doing something
starter solenoid
(Otomotiv) A device that uses electrical current to start and engage the starter
Something that is not going to happen
Someone or something who was listed to start in a race, but did not start in the race
An idea or argument that cannot be sensibly debated
A person who shows initiative and resourcefulness
someone who is able to work successfully on their own without needing other people's help or a lot of instructions - used to show approval
1. a self-motivated and ambitious person who acts on their own initiative. 2. (dated) the starter of a motor-vehicle engine
kick starter
{i} starter operated by pushing downward on a pedal; kick start, starter of a motorcycle, pedal used to start a motorcycle engine (operated by pushing it downward)
kick starter
A starter that is operated by kicking downward on a pedal, as on a motorcycle
kick starter
a starter (as on a motorcycle) that is activated with the foot and the weight of the body
If you describe a plan or idea as a non-starter, you mean that it has no chance of success. The United States is certain to reject the proposal as a non-starter
an electric starting motor that automatically starts an internal-combustion engine
an electric starting motor that automatically starts an internal-combustion engine an energetic person with unusual initiative
an energetic person with unusual initiative
vehicle equipped with a starter
plural of starter
underload starter
A motor starter provided with an underload switch



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    [ 'stär-t&r ] (noun.) 1622. start +‎ -er

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