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İngilizce - Türkçe
seter av köpeği
(Spor) pasör
(Endüstri) montör
bir tür av köpeği
{i} ihbarcı
{i} muhbir
(Tekstil) ayarlayıcı, tertipçi, düzeltici
{i} seter (av köpeği)
{i} av köpeği
{i} dizgici
{i} setter
{i} makineyi hazırlayan işçi
(Spor) oyun kurucu
setter on
setter on
setter's diagonal
(Spor) pasör çaprazı
Yeni moda olmuş bir şeyi yaygınlaştıran kişi vs
fuse setter
(Askeri) TAPA TANZİM ANAHTARI: Bir merminin tapasını, tapa saniyesine (zaman ve mesafeye) göre ayarlamaya yarayan alet
fuse setter operator
(Askeri) TAPA TANZİMCİSİ: Top mürettebatına mensup olan ve atış esnasında mekanik tip tapa tanzim anahtarını kullanan er, cephaneci
fuze setter operator
(Askeri) tapa tanzimcisi
hiding setter
(Spor) pasör saklaması
irish setter
İrlanda setteri
irish setter
İrlanda av köpeği
jet setter
jet sosyeteden bir kimse
jet setter
jet sosyete üyesi
pace setter
(Askeri) YÜRÜYÜŞ HIZI BELİRLEYİCİSİ: Kol komutanı tarafından seçilmiş kol hızını düzenlemek ve harekat emrini yerine getirmek için elzem olan yürüyüş hızını oluşturmak üzere öndeki araçta veya unsurda yolculuk yapan birey
tile setter
(İnşaat) kiremit döşeyici
tile setter
(İnşaat) karo döşeyici
İngilizce - İngilizce
A long-haired breed of gundog

She has a spaniel and a red setter.

A function used to modify the value of some property of an object, contrasted with the getter
One who sets something, especially a typesetter

The exam was so hard we assumed the question setter must have been in a bad mood.

The player who is responsible for setting, or passing, the ball to teammates for an attack
{n} one that sets, a kind of dog for game
Modern setters are usually trained to indicate the position of game birds by standing in a fixed position, but originally they indicated it by sitting or crouching
A mutator to set the value of a property In Java, normally the signature of the method is of the form public void setPropertyName(PropertyType propertyName); In the most simple form, the method nominally simply assigns a new value to the instance variable /** * Set propertyName of this to the new value * * @post | new getPropertyName() == propertyName; */ public void setPropertyName(PropertyType propertyName) { $propertyName = propertyName; } Often, side effects are implied (e g , see bound property)
One who adapts words to music in composition
a long-haired dog formerly trained to crouch on finding game but now to point
n the player responsible for accurately setting the ball to his teammates so they can attack it This usually occurs on the second team contact
A special kind of method, whose purpose is to set the value of an instance or class variable This allows another object to set the value of one of its variables (See Getter )
A setter is a long-haired dog that can be trained to show hunters where birds and animals are. Any of three breeds derived from a medieval hunting dog that would set (lie down) when it found birds so that it and the birds could be covered with a net. Setters have long hair on the ears, chest, legs, and tail. They weigh 44-70 lbs (20-32 kg) and stand 23-27 in. (58-69 cm). The English setter, developed in the 15th century, may be all white, black and white-and-tan, or white with dark flecks. The Gordon setter originated in 17th-century Scotland; its soft, wavy coat is black with tan markings. The Irish setter, bred in Ireland in the 18th-cent, has a straight red coat
A function used to set the value of a slot By convention, the name of a setter is the name of the getter concatenated with the suffix -setter
A hunting dog of a special breed originally derived from a cross between the spaniel and the pointer
One who hunts victims for sharpers
{i} person or thing that sets; typesetter, one who arranges type into camera-ready copy; variety of large hunting dog
To cut the dewlap (of a cow or an ox), and to insert a seton, so as to cause an issue
An alternative term for Compiler
one who sets written material into type
An adornment; a decoration; with off
An interesting animal kept by the management and trained to replace broken tools etc Is very docile when deprived of sleep
A type of dog that has long hair and that freezes when it spots game, only moving when commanded to flush out the game
A shallow seggar for porcelain
One who, or that which, sets; used mostly in composition with a noun, as typesetter; or in combination with an adverb, as a setter on (or inciter), a setter up, a setter forth
one who inserts, one who inlays, one who puts in
A member of the jet set, a rich person who travels for pleasure
pace setter
The runner or driver or rider in the lead
pace setter
An individual, selected by the column commander, who travels in the lead vehicle or element to regulate the column speed and establish the pace necessary to meet the required movement orderJoint Publication 1-02 U.S. Department of Defense Dictionary of Military and Associated Terms; 12 April 2001 (As Amended Through 14 April 2006)
English setter
Any of a breed of medium-sized dog developed in England and having a long, silky white coat usually with black or brownish markings
Gordon setter
A medium-sized hunting dog of a breed originating in Scotland, and having a silky black-and-tan coat
Irish setter
Any of a breed of setters having a silky reddish-brown or red and white coat
english setter
an English breed having a plumed tail and a soft silky coat that is chiefly white
gordon setter
a Scottish breed with a black-and-tan coat
irish setter
an Irish breed with a chestnut-brown or mahogany-red coat
jet setter
member of the elite society that flies in private airplanes frequently
red setter
an Irish breed with a chestnut-brown or mahogany-red coat
Plural of setter
A trend-setter is a person or institution that starts a new fashion or trend
someone who popularizes a new fashion
wage setter
any financial condition or variable that serves to set wage rates
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