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İngilizce - İngilizce
Tending to use aphorisms or maxims, especially given to trite moralizing
Using as few words as possible; pithy and concise
Full of meaning
{a} short and energetic
Given to trite moralizing
Abounding with sentences, axioms, and maxims; full of meaning; terse and energetic in expression; pithy; as, a sententious style or discourse; sententious truth
Comprising or representing sentences; sentential
concise and full of meaning; "welcomed her pithy comments"; "the peculiarly sardonic and sententious style in which Don Luis composed his epigrams"- Hervey Allen
telling people how they should behave - used in order to show disapproval (sententiosus , from sententia; SENTENCE)
abounding in or given to pompous or aphoristic moralizing; "too often the significant episode deteriorates into sententious conversation"- Kathleen Barnes
{s} sanctimonious, self-righteous; full of (Atasözü)s, abounding in maxims
In a sententious manner, concisely, pithily
The state or condition of being sententious
{a} with striking brevity, pithily
{n} pithiness, conciseness
sanctimoniously, self-righteously
{i} sanctimoniousness, self-righteousness