second thoughts

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İngilizce - İngilizce
The process of raising doubt or coming to a different conclusion through further consideration; the doubts or new conclusion resulting from this process

I phoned her with second thoughts about our relationship.

additional thoughts, additional reflection; feelings of regret
have second thoughts
To change one's opinion, or be uneasy about a previous decision

At first it seemed a good idea, but now it's getting close I'm having second thoughts.

on second thoughts
Alternative form of on second thought
second thought
Alternative spelling of second thoughts
have second thoughts
possess doubts, think twice
have second thoughts about
have doubts about, be uncertain about
second thought
If you do something without a second thought, you do it without thinking about it carefully, usually because you do not have enough time or you do not care very much. This murderous lunatic could kill them both without a second thought Roberto didn't give a second thought to borrowing $2,000 from him
second thought
reconsideration: thinking again about a choice previously made; "he had second thoughts about his purchase"
second thought
If you have second thoughts about a decision that you have made, you begin to doubt whether it was the best thing to do. I had never had second thoughts about my decision to leave the company
second thought
You can say on second thoughts or on second thought when you suddenly change your mind about something that you are saying or something that you have decided to do. `Wait there!' Kathryn rose. `No, on second thought, follow me.'. A reconsideration of a decision or opinion previously made
second thought
{i} afterthought
second thoughts


    sec·ond thoughts

    Türkçe nasıl söylenir

    sekın thôts


    /ˈsekən ˈᴛʜôts/ /ˈsɛkən ˈθɔːts/