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İngilizce - Türkçe
{i} çarpışma
{i} saldırı [amer. fut.]
{i} hamle [amer. fut.]
{i} itip kakma
{i} itişip kakışma
İngilizce - İngilizce
Specifically used in the Canadian media to describe a tightly-packed group of reporters surrounding a member of the Canadian House of Commons while in the Parliament Buildings

A scrum formed around Scott Brison shortly after he announced his candidacy for the federal Liberal leadership.

In rugby union or rugby league, all the forwards joined together in an organised way. Also known as a scrummage
A tightly-packed and disorderly crowd of people

A scrum developed around the bar when free beer was announced.

In rugby, a scrum is a tight group formed by players from both sides pushing against each other with their heads down in an attempt to get the ball
{i} tight formation of players who struggle to take possession of the ball (Rugby); confusing situation, uproar (British)
A scrum is a group of people who are close together and pushing against each other. She pushed through the scrum of photographers. the scrum of shoppers
In software development, SCRUM is an agile, lightweight process that can be used to manage and control software and product development using iterative, incremental practices
(rugby) the method of beginning play in which the forwards of each team crouch side by side with locked arms; play starts when the ball thrown in between them and the two sides compete for possession
scrum machine
a padded, weighty device against which a pack of rugby football forwards can practice scrummaging, and rucking. It is used by players of both rugby league and rugby union
scrum machines
plural form of scrum machine
player who introduces the ball into a scrum
acting scrum-half
a player, other than the scrum-half, who temporarily acts as a scrum-half, while the scrum-half is unavailable due to being involved in the breakdown, injury, or having been sin-binned
acting scrum-halves
plural form of acting scrum-half
loose scrum
plural of scrum



    [ 'skr&m ] (noun.) 1857. From "scrummage", from "scrimmage" (The Heritage Illustrated Dictionary of the English Language)

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