listen to the pronunciation of scratchy
İngilizce - İngilizce
Characterized by scratches; itchy; irritating
Characterized by scratches
Scratchy sounds are thin and harsh. Listening to the scratchy recording, I recognized Walt Whitman immediately
causing abrasion
{s} covered with scratch marks; tending to scratch; uneven, haphazard, ragged; characterized by scribbles; producing a grating sound; causing itching or irritation
Scratchy clothes or fabrics are rough and uncomfortable to wear next to your skin. Wool is so scratchy that it irritates the skin
scratchy pen
pen which makes sound as it writes
in a scratchy manner; in a confused manner, haphazardly; negligently, carelessly
In a scratchy manner
The property of feeling scratchy
{i} sloppiness, negligence, carelessness; haphazardness, state of being confused