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{i} pasaj

Shakespeare'den bir pasaj okudu. - He read a passage from Shakespeare.

Kitaptan bir pasajı defterime kopyaladım. - I copied a passage from the book into my notebook.


Yan yatan bir araç geçişi engelledi. - A car lying on its side blocked the passage.

Bu denize doğru geçiştir. - This is the passage to the sea.


Zihnimde çocukluğuma açılan gizli bir geçit var. - There is a secret passageway in my mind leading to my childhood.

Solda gizli bir geçit var. - There's a secret passage on the left.

{i} (tasarı) kabul edilip
dar yol

Bu parçayı okuyup Japonca'ya çevir. - Read this passage and translate it into Japanese.

Aşağıdaki parça iyi bilinen bir fabldan bir alıntıdır. - The following passage is a quotation from a well-known fable.

deniz yolculuğu

Paragraf başka hiçbir yoruma izin vermiyor. - The passage admits of no other interpretation.


Pencere yanı mı yoksa koridorda mı bir yer istersiniz? - Would you like a place by window or by passage?

Ölüm, vefat
{i} yolculuk uçak
passage money navlun
bağırsakların işlemesi
{i} akış
{i} yolculuk
{i} bağırsakların çalışması
yol parası
{i} yol; boğaz, geçit
{i} koridor [brit.]
{i} dehliz
(isim) geçit, pasaj, dehliz, koridor [brit.], parça, kanal, geçme, geçiş, akış, yolculuk (uçak, gemi), bağırsakların çalışması
geçiş hakkı

Gizli bir geçit yoluyla kaçtılar. - They fled through a secret passageway.

{i} kanal
bir tasarının kabul edilip yürürlüğe girmesi
{i} gemi
yolculuk (uçak, gemi)
metin parçası

Pasajı kelimesi kelimesine çevir. - Translate the passage word for word.

Kitaptan bir pasajı defterime kopyaladım. - I copied a passage from the book into my notebook.

passage of
passage to
geçiş için
passage boat
passage boat
araba vapuru
passage contract
(Ticaret) geçit sözleşmesi
passage easement
geçit irtifakı
passage facilities
(Denizbilim) geçit araçları
passage item
(Dilbilim) metin maddesi
passage lanes
(Askeri) Geçiş şeridi
passage money insurance
(Ticaret) yolcu ücreti sigortası
passage of a bill
(Politika, Siyaset) önergenin onaylanması
passage of lines
(Askeri) Geçiş hattı
passage of lines
(Askeri) ÜZERİNDEN AŞARAK DEĞİŞTİRME: Bir birliğin, düşmanla temas halinde bulunan diğer bir birlik üzerinden taarruz harekatına giriştiği bir harekat
passage of lines
(Askeri) üzerinden aşma
parallel track multiunit; passage material; patient movement; preventive medicin
(Askeri) paralel izleme çoklu birliği; yolculuk malzemesi; hasta sevki; koruyucu hekimlik; program yöneticisi (müdürü); askeri inzibat komutanı (ABD)
innocent passage
(Askeri) zararsız geçiş
air passage
tenek geçidi
air passage
hava geçidi
air passage
tenek deliği
air passage
nefes yolu
bird of passage
göçmen kuş
earlier passage time
en erken geçiş
nasal passage
bird of passage
1. göçmen kuş. 2. k. dili bir yerde ancak geçici bir süre için kalan kimse
channel, canal, duct, passage, pipe
kanal, kanal, kanal, geçit, boru
open a passage
bir geçit açmak
outbound passage
giden geçit
reading passage
Okuma parçası, pasaj
rite of passage
ya geçiş ayını: Hayat evreleri arasındaki geçişi belirten dinsel vb. ayın
rites of passage
geçidin ayinler
who can delay the passage of new laws
yeni yasaların kabulünü kim geciktirebilir
air passage
(Tekstil) hava pasajı
auxiliary passage
(Otomotiv) yardımcı kanal
bird of passage
geçici olarak kalan kimse
bird of passage
(Hayvan Bilim, Zooloji) göçmen kuşu
bird of passage
göçebe kimse
bypass air passage
(Otomotiv) bypass hava kanalı
bypass passage
(Otomotiv) by pass pasajı
bypass passage
(Otomotiv) bypass kanalı
bypass passage
(Otomotiv) bypass pasajı
cleaning passage
(Tekstil) temizleme turu
exhaust passage
(Otomotiv) egzoz çıkış boğazı
fluid passage
(Otomotiv) hidrolik yağ kanalı
hering passage
(Tıp) hering geçişi
intake passage
(Otomotiv) emme boğazı
oral passage
(Dilbilim) ağız yolu
respiratory passage
(Tıp) solunum yolu
rites of passage
(Pisikoloji, Ruhbilim) geçiş törenleri
rough passage
(deyim) zor zaman devre
smooth passage
(deyim) kolay zaman ,devre
Английский Язык - Английский Язык
To pass a pathogen through a hosts or media

After 24 hours, the culture was passaged to an agar plate.

An artistic term describing use of tight brushwork to link objects in separate spatial plains. Commonly seen in Cubist works
A passageway or corridor
An underground cavity, formed by water or falling rocks, which is much longer than it is wide
A movement in classical dressage, in which the horse performs a very collected, energetic, and elevated trot that has a longer period of suspension between each foot fall than a working trot
Part of a path or journey

He made his passage through the trees carefully, mindful of the stickers.

The official approval of a bill or act by a parliament

The company was one of the prime movers in lobbying for the passage of the act.

A paragraph or section of text or music with particular meaning

She struggled to play the difficult passages.

To execute a passage movement
To make a passage, especially by sea; to cross

They passaged to America in 1902.

The vagina

At the same moment, Aidan plunged two fingers deep into her passage and broke through her fragile barrier.

{n} a journey by water, road, act of passing, course, incident, a clause or sentence
a way through or along which someone or something may pass
A slow motion, suspended trot in which the pairs of feet diagonally opposite one another are raised and returned to the ground in alternation
Removal from life; decease; departure; death
The approval of a bill or resolution by way of an affirmative vote
A passage is a long narrow space with walls or fences on both sides, which connects one place or room with another. Harry stepped into the passage and closed the door behind him. = passageway, corridor
A separate part of a course, process, or series; an occurrence; an incident; an act or deed
The concluding favorable vote on a measure
the passing of a law by a legislative body
the act of passing something to another person a bodily process of passing from one place or stage to another; "the passage of air from the lungs"; "the passing of flatus"
The pairs of feet diagonally opposite one another raise and return to the ground in alternation in a slow motion, suspended trot
The passage of a period of time is its passing. An asset that increases in value with the passage of time. = passing
The inoculation of an infection into an animal and then harvesting the infective agent from the animal
Favorable action on a measure before the legislature
A particular portion constituting a part of something continuous; esp
Very diagonilized, suspended, slow and majestic trot in which the horse throws his mass up and forward with energy and elasticity Flexing of the joints, elevation of the forehand and an instant of suspension are the signs of a classical Passage
the act of passing from one state or place to the next a journey usually by ship; "the outward passage took 10 days" the act of passing something to another person a bodily process of passing from one place or stage to another; "the passage of air from the lungs"; "the passing of flatus" a way through or along which someone or something may pass a path or channel or duct through or along which something may pass; "the nasal passages" a section of text; particularly a section of medium length a short section of a musical composition
a section of text; particularly a section of medium length
Favorable action on a measure before either house
a bodily process of passing from one place or stage to another; "the passage of air from the lungs"; "the passing of flatus"
Adoption of a measure by the Assembly or the Senate
a section of text; particularly a section of medium length a short section of a musical composition
A continuous course, process, or progress; a connected or continuous series; as, the passage of time
A pass or en encounter; as, a passage at arms
the act of passing from one state or place to the next a journey usually by ship; "the outward passage took 10 days"
Approval of a bill by the vote of the full house
a final, favorable vote on a measure
Transit by means of conveyance; journey, as by water, carriage, car, or the like; travel; right, liberty, or means, of passing; conveyance
The passage of someone or something is their movement from one place to another. Germany had not requested Franco's consent for the passage of troops through Spain
A passage door set allows unresricted entry from either side of your door Most commonly seen in closet doors and door to shared living quarters, such as a family room
A movement or an evacuation of the bowels
In parliamentary proceedings: (a) The course of a proposition (bill, resolution, etc
– A journey, especially one made by water
A cavity in a cave that is longer than it is wide or high A passage normally leads to other places in a cave, and is not a dead end Cave - Parts of Ref JJ
Reception; currency
A journey from one place to another
A passage is a journey by ship. We'd arrived the day before after a 10-hour passage from Swansea. = crossing
a vagina
a short section of a musical composition
A voyage from A to B, interrupted by unexpected landfalls or stopovers at point K, point Q and point Z
the act of passing from one state or place to the next
The passage of someone or something is their progress from one situation or one stage in their development to another. the passage from school to college. = transition
{i} way, route, course; segment, section, piece; paragraph, excerpt, extract; journey; transit; (Music) short segment of a musical composition; handing over from one person to another; (Anatomy) tube in the body; physical body process of passing from one location or phase to another; freedom or right to pass; lapse of time; one of two motions in dressage (one is a slow intentional trot and the second is a sideways walk)
The act of passing; transit from one place to another; movement from point to point; a going by, over, across, or through; as, the passage of a man or a carriage; the passage of a ship or a bird; the passage of light; the passage of fluids through the pores or channels of the body
in a cave, the corridor created by water and rock falls
the final affirmative action of the body upon a proposition; hence, adoption; enactment; as, the passage of the bill to its third reading was delayed
An official agreement of a bill or act by a parliament
Price paid for the liberty to pass; fare; as, to pay one's passage
A section of a musical composition
A passage through a crowd of people or things is an empty space that allows you to move through them. He cleared a passage for himself through the crammed streets = way
a journey usually by ship; "the outward passage took 10 days"
{f} make a passage; go from one side to the other, cross; cause a horse to make a passage (either the slow methodical trot or sideways walk), perform a passage (in dressage)
or PASSAGER - A wild caught hawk on migration in immature plumage
(b) The advancement of a bill or other proposition from one stage to another by an affirmative vote; esp
a way through or along which someone or something may pass a path or channel or duct through or along which something may pass; "the nasal passages"
through the several stages of consideration and action; as, during its passage through Congress the bill was amended in both Houses
a path or channel or duct through or along which something may pass; "the nasal passages"
the movement of migratory fish up or down a river
Dressage movement in which the horse trots in an extremely collected and animated manner
Passage to India
novel written in 1924 by E. M. Forster (also made into a movie)
passage grave
A Neolithic tomb consisting of a passageway and burial chamber made of large upright stones capped with other large stones, originally buried in an earthen mound
pay one's passage
pay the price for travel, pay travel expenses
Northwest Passage
Sea route through the Arctic Ocean, connecting the Atlantic and the Pacific Ocean
back passage
back passage
The passage between two terraced houses leading between and the front and back gardens or yards
first-passage time
The time taken for a random walker to reach a specified target
middle passage
A middle way, especially between two extremes; an intermediate path in space or time
middle passage
Specifically, the middle part of the sea voyage by which slaves were transported from Africa to America

The city once laid claim to the largest fleet of slave ships in the history of the trade as its merchants overtook Bristol and London in dominating the Middle Passage.

rite of passage
a ceremony or series of ceremonies, often very ritualized, to celebrate a transition in a person’s life. Baptisms, bar mitzvahs, weddings and funerals are among the best known examples

Examples: After John officially attained his majority, Robert bought him his first legal beer. This is a common American rite of passage.

rites of passage
plural form of rite of passage
zenial passage
The passing of the sun directly overhead such that no shadows are cast by a pole sticking straight up from the ground. These conditions only occur in locations between the Tropic of Cancer and the Tropic of Capricorn
a passage
{n} pore
rite of passage
A rite of passage is a ritual that marks a change in a person's social or sexual status. Rites of passage are often ceremonies surrounding events such as childbirth, menarche or other milestones within puberty, coming of age, weddings, menopause, and death
A Passage to India
a book by E. M. Forster about the relationships in India between British people and Indians during the early 1900s, when Britain controlled India's government (1924)
Drake Passage
A strait between Cape Horn and the South Shetland Islands. It connects the southern Atlantic and Pacific oceans. Strait, connecting the Atlantic and Pacific oceans between Tierra del Fuego and the South Shetland Islands. Located about 100 mi (160 km) north of the Antarctic Peninsula, it is 600 mi (1,000 km) wide. In this area the climate changes from cool, humid, and subpolar to the frozen conditions of Antarctica. An important trade route in the 19th and early 20th centuries, its stormy seas and icy conditions made the rounding of Cape Horn a difficult journey
Inside Passage
or Inland Passage Natural sheltered sea route along the U.S.-Canadian coast from Seattle, Wash. , to Skagway, Alaska. Extending northwest for more than 1,000 mi (1,600 km), it comprises channels and straits between the mainland and islands (including Vancouver Island) that protect it from Pacific storms. It is the favoured route for coastal shipping to Alaska. Ports in British Columbia include Victoria, Vancouver, and Prince Rupert; those in Alaska include Ketchikan, Wrangell, and Juneau
Northwest Passage
A water route from the Atlantic to the Pacific through the Arctic Archipelago of northern Canada and along the northern coast of Alaska. Sought by navigators since the 16th century, the existence of such a route was proved in the early 19th century, but the passage was not traversed until the Norwegian explorer Roald Amundsen led an expedition across it in 1903 to 1906. The ice-breaking tanker Manhattan was the first commercial ship to cross the passage (1969), after the discovery of oil in northern Alaska. a way by sea between the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans, going along the northern coast of North America. It was first sailed through by Roald Amundsen in 1903-06 Northeast Passage, the. Sea passage between the Atlantic and Pacific oceans along the northern coast of North America. The search for a commercial sea route around the American land barrier dates from the end of the 15th century and attracted explorers such as Jacques Cartier, Francis Drake, Martin Frobisher, and Capt. James Cook. The passage was finally navigated successfully in 1906 by Roald Amundsen. As a modern trade route, it has been only marginally useful, because of the difficulties in navigating around the polar ice cap and the giant icebergs in the Atlantic between Greenland and Baffin Island and in the Pacific in the Bering Strait. The U.S. and Canadian governments have tried to encourage international commerce in the passage, and it would significantly shorten many international shipping distances, though the cost of strengthening ships against ice and the probable high insurance rates for vessels used in Arctic service could continue to inhibit use of the Northwest Passage as a trade route
Windward Passage
A channel between eastern Cuba and northwest Haiti connecting the Atlantic Ocean with the Caribbean Sea
air passage
a duct that provides ventilation (as in mines)
back passage
People sometimes refer to their rectum as their back passage
bird of passage
nomadic bird, wandering bird; temporary tenant, temporary resident
bird of passage
any bird that migrates seasonally
bird of passage
If you refer to someone as a bird of passage, you mean that they are staying in a place for a short time before going to another place. Most of these emigrants were birds of passage who returned to Spain after a relatively short stay
bird of passage
wanderer: someone who leads a wandering unsettled life
birds of passage
birds which migrate, birds which travel with the seasons
book one's passage
reserve a place on a ship, pay one's boat fare
force a passage through the crowd
push one's way through a crowd of people
have a rough passage
pass a long and difficult journey by ship
musical passage
{i} short segment of a musical composition
no passage this way
dead end, not a through route
northwest passage
a water route between the Atlantic and the Pacific Oceans along the northern coast of North America; Europeans since the 16th century had searched for a short route to the Far East before it was successfully traversed by Roald Amundsen (1903-1906)
plural of passage
purple passage
a passage full of ornate and flowery language
read a passage from
read a small part of -, read a portion of -
rite of passage
A ritual or ceremony signifying an event in a person's life indicative of a transition from one stage to another, as from adolescence to adulthood. Any of numerous ceremonial events, existing in all societies, that mark the passage of an individual from one social or religious status to another. The term was coined by the French anthropologist Arnold van Gennep (1873-1957) in 1909. Many of the most important rites are connected with the biological stages of life birth, maturity, reproduction, and death. Other rites celebrate changes that are wholly cultural, such as initiation into special societies. In modern societies, graduation from school is a rite of passage. Scholars often interpret rites of passage as mechanisms by which society confronts and incorporates change without disrupting the equilibrium necessary to social order. See also secret society
rite of passage
a ritual performed in some cultures at times when a individual changes his status (as from adolescence to adulthood)
rite of passage
ceremony or tradition that mark major life changes; induction ceremony
rites of passage
ceremonies and traditions that mark major life changes
safe passage
If someone is given safe passage, they are allowed to go somewhere safely, without being attacked or arrested. They were unwilling, or unable, to guarantee safe passage from the city to the aircraft. official protection for someone when they are in danger or passing through a dangerous area permit/promise/guarantee etc safe passage (to/for sb)
windward passage
a channel between eastern Cuba and western Haiti that connects the Atlantic Ocean with the Caribbean Sea
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geçit hakkı law right-of-way, right of passage
(through another's land)