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Турецкий язык - Английский Язык

I walked the length of the street. - Cadde boyunca yürüdüm.

His horse won by three lengths. - Onun atı üç boy farkla kazandı.


What is the average height of the players? - Oyuncuların boy ortalaması nedir?

Meg is about the same height as Ken. - Meg Ken ile yaklaşık aynı boydadır.


Members of that tribe settled along the river. - O kabilenin üyeleri nehir boyunca yerleşti.

Members of the tribe settled down along the river. - Kabile üyeleri nehir boyunca yerleşti.

stature; clan
sociol. clan
tribe, clan
(Tıp) body height

It's difficult to visualize four dimensions. - Dört boyutluları hayal etmek zordur.

Tom comes from another dimension. - Tom başka bir boyuttandır.

linear measurement

A person's heart is approximately the same size as their fist. - Bir insanın kalbi, yaklaşık olarak yumruğuyla aynı boyuttadır.

Do you have these shoes in my size? - Bu ayakkabılardan benim boyutumda olanından sizde var mı?


It is important to recognize the extent of one's ignorance. - Birinin cehaletinin boyutunu bilmek önemlidir.

Layla's letters revealed the extent of her racism. - Leyla'nın mektupları onun ırkçılığının boyutlarını ortaya çıkardı.


I wish I could figure out how to get my car painted without paying a lot of money. - Keşke çok para ödemeden arabamı nasıl boyatacağımı bulabilsem.

Tom figured it would take him a full day to finish painting the garage. - Tom garajı boyamayı bitirmenin onun bir gününü alacağını düşündü.


I have a full-length mirror in my bedroom. - Yatak odamda bir boy aynası var.

Tom stood in front of a full-length mirror, looking at himself. - Tom kendisine bakarak bir boy aynasının önünde durdu.


Tom was small in stature. - Tom boy olarak küçüktü.

I am not a dwarf. I am of short stature. - Ben cüce değilim. Kısa boyluyum.

(Tıp) colo r
{i} clan
boy abdesti
boy abdesti
full ablution
boy atmak
grow tall
boy aynası
boy bos
boy değiştirme
(Bilgisayar) resize
boy gösteren
boy göstermek
show up

He probably meant that people go to demonstrations just to show up instead of actually protesting. - O, muhtemelen insanların gerçekten protesto yapmak yerine sadece boy göstermek için gösterilere gittiklerini kastediyordu.

boy göstermek
put in an appearance
boy göstermek
boy heykeli
(Arkeoloji) statue
boy kesit
(İnşaat) longitudinal section
boy pos
boy siperi
(Askeri) entrenchment
boy siperi
(Askeri) intrenchment
boy ölçüşmek
cope with
boy ölçüşmek
boy ölçüşmek
take on
boy ölçüşmek
boy atmak
grow up
boy abdesti
boy pos almak
shoot up
boy pos almak
grow up
boy uzunluğu
boy atmak
shoot up
boy atmak
to grow tall
boy aynası
pier glass
boy ayırıcı
boy birleştirme
end to end-grain joint
boy bos
figure, stature
boy büyüklüğünde
full length
boy dağılımı
(Denizbilim) size frequency distribution
boy farkı
time interval
boy farkı
time headway
boy fotoğrafı
full length portrait
boy fotoğrafı
body shot full body shot
boy fotoğrafı
full-length body shot
boy göstermek
to appear
boy hedefi
cock shy
boy hedefi
(deyim) sitting target
boy menteşe
(İnşaat) continuous hinge
boy menteşesi
piano hinge
boy olarak geçmek
have outgrown smb
boy plan
middle shot
boy rendesi
(Marangozluk) trying jointer
boy sırası
tall order
boy uzaması
increase in length
boy uzaması
linear expansion
boy çekimi
middle shot
boy çukuru
(Askeri) skirmisher's trench
boy çukuru
(Askeri) prone shelter
boy çukuru
(Askeri) slit trench
boy ölçülemez olmak
carry too many guns for one
boy ölçüşebilmek
run smb. close
boy ölçüşebilmek
size up
boy ölçüşmek
to compete, to match, to touch
boy ölçüşmek
measure swords
boy ölçüşmek
boy ölçüşmek
compete with
boy ölçüşmek
boy ölçüşmek (iki şey)
pit one against another
boy-ağırlık ilişkisi
(Denizbilim) length-weight relationship
boy-frekans dağılımı
(Denizbilim) length-frequency distribution
(biriyle) boy ölçüşmek
take on
boy ölçüşmek
ofis boy
(Argo) go-for
ortalama boy
average length
ortalama boy
mean height
standart boy
(Denizbilim) standard length
tam boy (portre)
toplam boy
total length
total boy
(Denizbilim) total length
Английский Язык - Английский Язык
A non-white slave or labourer; a male African-American of any age
A caring owner's pet or working animal, regardless of age

Here, boys, heel; yes, Bobby, show the puppies how, good boy!.

A proud parent's son, regardless of age

That's my boy.

A male servant

When the 'dipenda' (independence movement) in Belgian Congo turned violent, the white colonisators' often materially privileged black domestic boys were mistrusted and often abused as collaborators.

Exclamation of surprise, pleasure or longing

Boy, I wish I could go to Canada!.

A lower-class or disreputable man; a worthless person

Dost thou call me fool, boy?.

To use the word boy to refer to someone

Don't boy me!.

A young male human

Steve is a boy of 16.

An adult male, particularly when used by straight women or gay men to refer to someone considered attractive
A man of any age, used as a friendly diminutive, or of a man who is merely younger than the speaker

I like the boy.''.

Male (usually adult) friend; mainly used in the plural: boys

Me and my boy grew up together in Southside.

{n} a male child, lad, youth, word of contempt
{v} to act or treat like a boy, not used
(ethnic slur) offensive term for Black man; "get out of my way, boy"
a male human offspring; "their son became a famous judge"; "his boy is taller than he is"
{ü} gosh! (cry of surprise, disappointment, or excitement)
chlopiec [HWAW-peets] Writer's block I know this word, but I can't offer an easy mnemonic for this word Hopefully, I don't need to because it's a very common word, and its common use gives ample opportunity to memorize it There is a similar word, however, chlop, which means "peasant " It might help remembering Date of entry: 4 April 2000
(ethnic slur) offensive term for Black man; "get out of my way, boy" a friendly informal reference to a grown man; "he likes to play golf with the boys
a friendly informal reference to a grown man; "he likes to play golf with the boys"
n a young male person
A boy is a child who will grow up to be a man. I knew him when he was a little boy He was still just a boy
A young male, usually a child or adolescent
To act as a boy; in allusion to the former practice of boys acting women's parts on the stage
Male (usually adult) friends
in sailor language has no reference to age, but only to experience in seamanship A boy may be fifty or any other age A crew is divided into able seamen, ordinary seamen, and boys or greenhorns A “boy” is not required to know anything about the practical working of the vessel, but an “able seaman” must know all his duties and be able to perform them “A boy does not ship to know anything ”
Exclamation of surprise or pleasure
lit 'offering incense', a ceremony of offering sandalwood and frankincense to the consecrated fire during each of the five watches of the day (Var 'bui, nirang-i bui dadan, boy dadan')
Someone's boy is their son. Eric was my cousin Edward's boy I have two boys
{i} male child; son; young male; male servant (offensive)
A caring owners pet or working animal (of any age.)
You can refer to a young man as a boy, especially when talking about relationships between boys and girls. the age when girls get interested in boys
a friendly informal reference to a grown man; "he likes to play golf with the boys
feelings You can refer to a man as a boy, especially when you are talking about him in an affectionate way. the local boy who made President `Come on boys', he shouted to the sailors. = lad see also backroom boy, blue-eyed boy, bully-boy, head boy, messenger boy, office boy, old boy, stable boy, Teddy boy
A male child, from birth to the age of puberty; a lad; hence, a son
A male servant, regardless of age, especially in a colonial context and in numerous compounds. (Compare French garçon; also adopted as such in various others languages, such as Dutch)
male child, as in: Is your new baby a boy or a girl?
A proud parents son (of any age.)
In various countries, a male servant, laborer, or slave of a native or inferior race; also, any man of such a race
feelings Some people say `boy' or `oh boy' in order to express feelings of excitement or admiration. Oh Boy! Just think what I could tell him
A male African-American of any age
beginning of year
n anak laki-laki (anak) 2 n cowok
a youthful male person; "the baby was a boy"; "she made the boy brush his teeth every night"; "most soldiers are only boys in uniform"
{i} nino
Boy Scout
A male member of the Scout Movement
Boy Scout
A person, especially a politician, who is idealistic and naive

When he arrived in Washington, some people thought of him as a Boy Scout, perhaps because he wore his hair in a crew cut.

Boy Scouts
plural form of Boy Scout
boy band
A pop group whose members are all (usually attractive) young men
boy bands
plural form of boy band
boy crazier
Comparative form of boy crazy: more boy crazy
boy craziest
Superlative form of boy crazy
boy crazy
Having a great liking for, or interest in, young men
boy friend
A boyfriend

The expression in Franny's 'young man,' he said, not her 'boy friend.' Why are you so out of date, Bessie? ....

boy genius
A young male prodigy, a boyish genius of amazing talent in some creative or other field

Composer Leopold Mozart’s young son Wolfgang Amadeus toured Europe as most celebrated musical boy genius of their time.

boy geniuses
plural form of boy genius
boy in blue
A Policeman
boy in the boat
The human clitoris
boy next door
A regular, typical boy, as opposed to a superstar

She didn't want to marry the boy next door, she yearned for the big city.

boy racer
A young man who drives recklessly fast, now especially as associated with gatherings of car-culture enthusiasts or illegal street racing
boy racers
plural form of boy racer
boy toy
A toy meant to be played with by a boy
boy toy
A gigolo
boy wonder
A male child prodigy
boy wonders
plural form of boy wonder
boy's cat
metonymy for reduced cat, a lighter version of the cat-o'-nine-tails, for use on a boy's posterior
boy's name
A given name to a young male person or boy
Alternative spelling of boy crazy
Alternative spelling of boy next door
boy band
A boy band (or boyband), in pop, rock, hip hop and R&B music, is loosely defined as a popular music act consisting of about 3-6 male performers. Despite the term "band", boy band members usually do not play musical instruments, either in recording sessions or on stage, although exceptions do exist
Boy Scout
A Boy Scout is a boy who is a member of the Boy Scouts. = Scout. a member of the scouts girl scout, guide guide
Boy Scout
The Boy Scouts is an organization for boys which teaches them discipline and practical skills. He's in the Boy Scouts. = Scouts
Boy Scouting principles
moral and behavioral code of the Boy Scouts (organization for boys which emphasizes outdoor life and service to others)
Boy Scouts
organization for boys which emphasizes outdoor life and service to others
Boy Scouts
boy band
A boy band is a band consisting of young men who sing pop music and dance. Boy bands are especially popular with teenage girls. a group of attractive young men who perform by singing and dancing, and who are especially popular with teenage girls
boy friend
boy that one dates regularly
boy in buttons
bellhop, young man who carries bags and does errands in a hotel
boy king
young monarch, young boy who has ascended to the throne after the death of the king or queen
boy next door
average boy, regular guy
boy racer
disapproval British journalists sometimes refer to young men who drive very fast, especially in expensive and powerful cars, as boy racers. Bad driving is not just the preserve of boy racers
boy scout
the local councils are generally under a scout commissioner, under whose supervision are scout masters, each in charge of a troop of two or more patrols of eight scouts each, who are of three classes, tenderfoot, second-class scout, and first-class scout
boy scout
In "The Boy Scouts of America" the local councils are generally under a scout commissioner, under whose supervision are scout masters, each in charge of a troop of two or more patrols of eight scouts each, who are of three classes, tenderfoot, second-class scout, and first-class scout
boy scout
a member of the "Boy Scouts,"
boy scout
Hence, a member of any of the other similar organizations, which are now worldwide
boy scout
member of the Boy Scouts (boys' club that stresses outdoor life and service to others); momma's boy, goody two shoes (Slang)
boy scout
a member of the "Boy Scouts," an organization of boys founded in 1908, by Sir R
boy scout
a boy who is a member of the Boy Scouts a man who is considered naive
boy scout
a boy who is a member of the Boy Scouts
boy scout
Baden-Powell, to promote good citizenship by creating in them a spirit of civic duty and of usefulness to others, by stimulating their interest in wholesome mental, moral, industrial, and physical activities, etc
boy scout
boy scout
an organization of boys founded in 1908, by Sir R
boy scout
In "The Boy Scouts of America"
boy scout
a man who is considered naive
boy scouts
an international (but decentralized) movement started in 1908 in England with the goal of teaching good citizenship to boys
boy scouts of america
a corporation that operates through a national council that charters local councils all over the United States; the purpose is character building and citizenship training
boy toy
an attractive young man who an older, usually rich or successful woman has a sexual relationship with
boy wonder
An extremely talented and accomplished young man. a young man who is very successful
boy wonder
an extremely talented young male person
Astro Boy
A manga series by Osamu Tezuka, and its derivatives, about a humanoid robot named Astro Boy
Astro Boy
The fictional humanoid robot who is the protagonist and title character of the series
A male member of the hip-hop subculture
A male person who performs breakdance; a breaker
Barry boy
A person denoted by their poor taste in clothing and flashy cars; mainly used in the UK
Bevin Boy
Any of the young British men conscripted to work in the coalmines between 1943 and 1948
CC boy
An effeminate male homosexual
Del Boy
a male confidence trickster
God boy
A pious male Christian

OK, God boy, I'll be in church tomorrow, front row and centre!.

It boy
a sexually attractive male celebrity, such as a film star with sex symbol status
Little Boy
The nickname of the nuclear bomb dropped over Hiroshima, Japan on August 6, 1945
Teddy boy
A form of male youth culture which originated in London in the early 1950's, later associated with American rock and roll music
Tractor Boy
someone connected with Ipswich Town Football Club, as a fan, player, coach etc
Yellow Boy
the Winchester Model 1866 lever action rifle
all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy
Too much hard work and not enough leisure time can be unhealthy
all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy
Too much focus on one's career is often viewed unfavorably
atta boy
Alternative spelling of attaboy
baby boy
A very young male human being, from birth to a couple of years old
baby boy
A term of endearment for a male child
baby boy
A man who is immature or infantile
backroom boy
Someone who has an anonymous support role in an organization, especially a technician or scientist; a boffin
bad boy
A male criminal
bad boy
An undesirable task

Let's get this bad boy done!.

bad boy
A man whose rebellious nature makes him attractive to women
bad boy
a powerful or impressive product or item:
Attributive form of bad boy

bad-boy attitude.

ball boy
A person, usually male, responsible for retrieving balls from the area of play, and returning them to the players
barra boy
A man who works on market stalls (barras)
batty boy
A homosexual man
best boy
(film jargon) The first assistant to either the key grip (in charge of camera placement and movement) or the gaffer (in charge of lighting and electrics)
big boy
a large object or person

I've been dying to get behind the wheel of this big boy.

birthday boy
A male (man or boy) whose birthday it is
Attributive form of birthday boy

birthday-boy smile.

blue-eyed boy
Someone's favourite, especially a young one

Keep it up, Mandrake, he said. Just keep it up. You may be the Prime Minister's blue-eyed boy now, but how long's that going to last if you don't deliver?.

bonfire boy
a male participating in bonfire celebrations
bug boy
An apprentice jockey
bully boy
A tough, aggressive man
cabin boy
A boy or young man who is employed to serve as an attendant for passengers or crew members on a ship
Alternative spelling of cabin boy
chelsea boy
A waxed, toned, bronzed and buffed gay ideal; sometimes pejorative
city boy
A man who works in the financial sector (often capitalised)
city boy
A male inhabitant of a city, or one who prefers city life
copy boy
A person employed to carry copy and run errands
corner boy
Someone who hangs around on street corners; a corner man
day boy
A male day pupil
a toyboy; a gigolo
errand boy
A male employed to run errands
errand boy
Someone nominally in a responsible position who performs relatively menial tasks for a senior manager
every good boy deserves fudge
A mnemonic phrase to help remember the order of the five lines on a musical treble stave in order from the bottom to the top. E G B D F
frat boy
A member of a fraternity in a college or university
A girlish boy
golden boy
A favored youth, held in high esteem by others, and for whom there are high hopes

He was the golden boy of Montana politics.

golden boy
A young man who has become unusually successful at an early age

Bill Gates was the golden boy of the software industry in the early 1980s.

good ol' boy
Alternative form of good old boy
good old boy
A friendly, unambitious, relatively uneducated, sometimes racially biased white man who embodies the stereotype of the folksy culture of the rural southern USA

White Lightning concerns a good old boy named Gator McKluskey (Burt Reynolds) who is serving time in the Arkansas pen for messing around with illegal liquor.

good old boy
A male friend or chum, especially a schoolmate; a man with an established network of friends who assist one another in social and business situations; a decent, dependable fellow

Tell these fellows to say to their Sultan that he is a good old boy, and that we thank him very much.

good old boy network
Alternative form of old boy network
good ole boy
Alternative form of good old boy
head boy
A boy of a school sixth form, whose duties may include representing the school and organising the prefects
house boy
A male domestic servant; variant form of houseboy
little boy
A male child, especially one younger than ten years of age
little boy's room
The toilets for men
little boy's rooms
plural form of little boy's room
loblolly boy
in 18th and 19th century warships, a non-professional assistant to the ship's surgeon
mama's boy
A male person, especially a young man or boy, who is overly attached to or influenced by his mother; a sissy

He's such a mama's boy that he can't even ask a girl out for a date without his mother's approval.

momma's boy
A male who has a very close bond with his mother, often perceived as soft or effeminate
monkey boy
Term of offense directed at humans in general
monkey boy
Term of offense directed at one who assumes perceived traits of a monkey, e.g. excessive hairiness or impish behaviour
mummy's boy
Alternative spelling of momma's boy
muscle boy
A goon, thug, muscular henchman
muscle boy
A bodybuilder, especially one who is homosexual
office boy
A boy or junior clerk employed in a professional office to perform odd jobs, such as running errands or making copies
oh boy
An expression of delight or joy

Oh, boy! I can't wait to tell my friends about this!.

oh boy
An expression of dismay, resignation, frustration, or annoyance (sarcastic)

Oh, boy. Now what do I do?.

old boy
Affectionate term of address for a man

Listen, old boy, I've got some news.

old boy
An alumnus, especially of a public school
old boy network
A presumed unacknowledged system of association between childhood friends (especially those at school or university together), used for mutual assistance or favouritism

His hiring and promotion of senior officers rested not on merit but on an old-boy network of connections from Wall Street and the Social Register.

old-boy network
Alternative form of old boy network
po' boy
A traditional sandwich from Louisiana, consisting usually of meat or seafood, and always in a French-style baguette
A traditional submarine sandwich from Louisiana, typically consisting of meat or seafood, usually fried, served on baguette-like Louisiana French bread
poor boy
A submarine sandwich
poster boy
See poster child
pot boy
alternative spelling of potboy
pretty boy
An effeminate, oftentimes vain, male particularly one with physical attributes similar to that of a female
pretty boy
An extremely vain teenage or adult male
rent boy
A young male prostitute, who 'sells' the temporary enjoyment of his body
shoeshine boy
A boy who polishes shoes as an occupation
stable boy
A boy or young man who attends in a stable
Alternative spelling of stable boy
toy boy
A young male lover of an older woman or man
traffic boy
A crossing guard who is a boy
valley boy
A young man who lives in the "Valley", specifically the San Fernando Valley
valley boy
someone from the South Wales Valleys
valley boy
A young gay man who listens to 70's genre music
water boy
A man or boy who regularly supplies a sports team or other group with drinking water
wet boy
A contractor assassin or hit man
whipping boy
Someone punished for the errors of others

As the whipping boy, he must take the whippings for the royal heir, Prince Brat..

whipping boy
Slang. Something that is blamed for the problems of a given society
white boy
a young Caucasian male
who's a pretty boy then
A conventional phrase used when talking to parrots
wide boy
A man who lives by his wits, wheeling and dealing
Boy Friend
best boy
assistant to the gaffer/chief electrician; lighting technician
best boy
On a film set, the assistant to the Gaffer and Key Grip
best boy
The chief assistant to the gaffer on a movie or television set
best boy
The assistant gaffer or the assistant to the key grip They are responsible for the routing and coiling of power cables necessary to run the lights for a shot
best boy
Caterer Foley Synopsis
best boy
The chief assistant to the gaffer on a set
best boy
The assistant chief lighting technician or second electrician The term is generally used only in film and television
Gasoline Boy
Forecourt Attendant; a worker in a fuel station who is responsible in assisting customers by re-fueling their car engines, car wash, repairs and other task
good boy
well-behaved boy, boy who does good deeds
{a} like a boy, childish, trifling, simple
{a} childishly, foolishly, simply, idly
{n} childishness, folly, play
naughty boy
bad boy, mischievous boy
game boy
n. Nintendo Corporation’s popular battery-powered, portable handheld gaming system first introduced in 1990 and updated frequently. Games are supplied on cartridges. The latest Game Boy, Game Boy Advance, features a 32-bit ARM CPU with embedded memory and a 2.9-inch TFT reflective screen with 240x160 resolution
po' boy
(Gıda) A po' boy (also po-boy, po boy, or poor boy, or a southern slang for "poor old boy".) is a traditional submarine sandwich from Louisiana. It consists of meat or seafood, usually fried, served on a baguette (in the US usually referred to as French bread). What makes a po-boy special is the bread. A po-boy isn't a po-boy unless it's made with good quality, fresh French bread. New Orleans French bread has a crunchy crust with a very light center. Roast beef and shrimp are the most popular fillings for a po-boy, but just about anything can be put inside a loaf of French bread and taste good. Freshness and quality are the two most important aspects of what goes inside a po-boy
(Gıda) see: po' boy
befitting or characteristic of a young boy; "a boyish grin"; "schoolboyish pranks"
Resembling a boy in a manners or opinions; belonging to a boy; childish; trifling; puerile
approval If you describe a man as boyish, you mean that he is like a boy in his appearance or behaviour, and you find this characteristic quite attractive. She was relieved to see his face light up with a boyish grin He loves to learn, and has a boyish enthusiasm for life. + boyishly boy·ish·ly John grinned boyishly
{s} like a boy; for a boy; childish
Турецкий язык - Турецкий язык
Destan: "Boy boyladı, soy soyladı."- Dede Korkut
Zerdüştiler'de sunulan tütsü
Bir şeyin tabanı ile en yüksek noktası arasındaki uzaklık
Yol, ırmak, deniz kıyısı: "Sınır boylarındaki şeyhlerin göğsünde İngiliz ve Alman nişanları yan yana idi."- F. R. Atay
Uzaklık: "Günde üç boy şehrin öbür ucuna gider, gelir."- H. Taner
Bir şeyin tabanı ile en yüksek noktası arasındaki uzaklık: "Boyu uzundu, yalnız biraz fazla semizdi."- Ö. Seyfettin
Dede Korkut kitabında destan, hikaye anlamında kullanılan sözcük
Kumaş için ölçü
Afrika ve Asya ülkelerinde genç yerli hzimetçilere ingilizlerin verdiği ad
Ortak bir atadan türediklerine, birbirleriyle kan akrabalığı bulunduğuna inanarak evlenmeyen, toplumsal ve ekonomik ilişkilerini anaerkil, ataerkil anlayışı uygulayan geleneksel topluluk, kabile, klan: "Türk boyları birbirlerini kardeş tanıyorlar."- O. S. Orhon
Yol, ırmak, deniz kıyısı
Bir yüzeyde, en sayılan iki kenar arasındaki uzaklık, en karşıtı
(Osmanlı Dönemi) TUL
boy abdesti
İslâm dininin gerekli bulduğu durumlarda ve biçimde yıkanıp abdest alma, gusül
boy aynası
İnsanı bütünüyle gösteren büyük ayna
boy beyi
Boyun en saygın ve lider kimliğine sahip kişisi
boy bos
Geçerlilik, değer
boy bos
Vücudun yapısı bakımından biçimi
boy boy
Çeşitli büyüklük ve nitelikte
boy menteşe
Düz yaprak menteşe benzeri 1,75-3,50 cm uzunluğunda menteşe
boy pos
bakınız: boy bos
Boy uzunluğu
(Osmanlı Dönemi) KAVD
Английский Язык - Турецкий язык
{i} delikanlı

Karthik bir delikanlıdır.O iyi bir delikanlıdır. - Karthik is a boy. He is a good boy.

Nehirde yüzen delikanlı kimdir? - Who is the boy swimming in the river?


Oğlana gönderilen mektupta ilginç bir öykü vardı. - There was an interesting story in the letter to the boy.

Küçük oğlan hayvanat bahçesinde. - The little boy is at the zoo.

erkek çocuk

Ağacın altında bazı erkek çocukları var. - There are some boys under the tree.

Ben erkek çocukların şarkı söylediğini duydum. - I heard the boys singing.


Benim bütün oğullarım büyüdü. - My boys are all grown up.

Oğullarım benim her şeyimdir. - My boys are my everything.

Vay be!

Vay be, bu cümle de amma tantana kopardı. - Boy, that sentence sure caused a kerfuffle.

Vay canına!
boy friend k

Çocuk bir sal üstünde nehirden aşağıya doğru gitti. - The boy went down the river on a raft.

Küçük çocuk yolun aşağısında kayboldu. - The little boy disappeared down the road.

boy scout erkek izci
{i} erkek hizmetli
{i} erkek (genç)
{i} genç uşak
dili erkek arkadaş
erkek genç
çocuk garson
boy scout

Tom bir erkek izci değil. - Tom isn't a boy scout.

Ne zaman bir erkek izci oldun? - When did you become a Boy Scout?

cabin boy
(Askeri) miço
whipping boy
şamar oğlanı

Onların sadece bir şamar oğlanına ihtiyacı var. - They simply need a whipping boy.

boy's high school
(Eğitim) erkek lisesi
boy's side
erkek tarafı
boy scout
erkek izci

Sen bir erkek izci olamazsın ama bir Kız izci olabilirsin. - You can't be a Boy Scout, but you could be a Girl Scout.

Ne zaman bir erkek izci oldun? - When did you become a Boy Scout?

boy band
erkek grubu
boy band
Erkek elemanlardan kurulu müzik grubu
boy child
erkek çocuk
boy friend
erkek arkadaş
boy scout troop
boy wonder
harika çocuk
bell boy
(Turizm) oda hizmetçisi
a boy without a girlfriend
bell boy
(Turizm) karşılama görevlisi
{s} çocuksu
errand boy
ayak işlerine bakan kimse
mama's boy
(deyim) süt kuzusu
mama's boy
(deyim) anasının kuzusu
man and boy
hayatı boyunca
my boy friend
erkek arkadaşım
old boy
(Konuşma Dili) eski arkadaş

Bütün eski arkadaşlarının isimlerini bilmek istemiyorum. - I don't want to know all your old boyfriends' names.

old boy
(Konuşma Dili) eski kurt
page boy
(Turizm) oda hizmetçisi
the whipping boy
(Konuşma Dili) şamar oğlanı
konakçı garsonu
blue eyed boy
birinin gözbebeği
cabin boy
call boy
konakçı uşağı
college boy
erkek öğrenci
errand boy
getir götür işlerine bakan çocuk
grocery boy
bakkal çırağı
old boy
eski öğrenci
page boy
konakçı komisi
plough boy
çiftçi yamağı
poor boy
zavallı çocuk

Zavallı çocuk ne yapacağını bilmiyordu. - The poor boy was at a loss what to do.

Zavallı çocuk araba tarafından yere yıkıldı. - The poor boy was knocked down by a car.

sailor boy
school boy
erkek öğrenci
water boy
su taşıyıcı çocuk
wonder boy
harika çocuk
baby boy
Oğlan bebek
bad boy
kötü çocuk

Kötü çocukları sevmem. - I don't like bad boys.

erkek çocuklar

Ben erkek çocukların şarkı söylediğini duydum. - I heard the boys singing.

Tom ve arkadaşları sahilde oturdu ve erkek çocuklarının yüzmesini izledi. - Tom and his friends sat on the beach and watched the boys swimming.

good boy
İyi çocuk
little boy
küçük çocuk
page boy
Otel komisi
poster boy
poster çocuğu
pretty boy
güzel çocuk
woebegone boy
kederli çocuk
{s} oğlan gibi
boyishlyoğlanlara yakışır şekilde
boyishnessoğlanvari oluş
erkek çocuk tavırlı
oğlanlara yakışır
çocukça bir şekilde
(isim) çocuksuluk
çocukça davranma
{i} çocuksuluk





    [ boi ] (noun.) 13th century. From Middle English boy, boye (“servant, commoner, knave, boy”), from Old English *bōia (“boy”), from Anglo-Frisian *bō-jan- (“younger brother”), diminutive of Proto-Germanic base *bō- (“brother, close male relation”), from Proto-Indo-European *bhā-, *bhāt- (“father, elder brother, brother”). Cognate with West Frisian boai (“boy”), Eastern Frisian boi (“boy, young gentleman”), and perhaps to Old English proper name Bōia. Also related to Flemish boe (“brother”), Norwegian dialectal boa (“brother”), Dutch boef (“rogue, knave”), German dialectal Bube (“boy, lad, knave”). See also bully.

    Общие Словосочетания

    boy uzunluğu, boy scout, boy göstermek, boy friend, boy ölçüşmek, boy ölçmek


    ... YOU GO, BOY. ...

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