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İngilizce - Türkçe
{i} restoran

En yakın restoran nerede? - Where's the closest restaurant?

Çin restoranında Pekin ördeği yedik. - We ate Peking duck in the Chinese restaurant.

{i} lokanta

Bir zamanlar bir lokantada çalıştım. - I once worked in a restaurant.

En yakın lokanta nerede? - Where is the nearest restaurant?

restaurant car
restoranlı vagon
restaurant management
restoran yönetimi
restaurant manager
(Gıda) restoran müdürü
restaurant business
restoran işletme
restaurant car
yemekli vagon
restaurant critic
Yemek eleştirmeni (yazar)
restaurant serving lebanese food
restoran lebanese gıda hizmet
restaurant which serves french food
Fransız gıda hizmet veren restoran
restaurant car
İng., d.y. yemekli vagon, vagon restoran
restaurant car
yemek vagonu
restaurant chief
restoran şefi
restaurant sets
(Bilgisayar) restoran grupları
grilled meatball restaurant
(Gıda) köfteci
traditional restaurant
(Gıda) lokanta
tripe soup offal restaurant
(Gıda) işkembeci
chain restaurant
Restoran zinciri
chain restaurant
lokanta zinciri
first class restaurant
birinci sınıf lokanta
fish restaurant
balık restoranı
fully licensed restaurant
Tam lisanslı restoranımızda
take-out restaurant
Dışarıya paket yemek servisi olan restorant
vegetarian restaurant
vejetaryen restoran
can you recommend a good restaurant
İyi bir restoran tavsiye edebilir misiniz
chinese restaurant syndrome
(Tıp) çin restoranı sendromu
does the hotel have a restaurant
otelinizin restoranı var mı
fastfood restaurant
fastfood restaurant
sandviç türü yemek servisi yapan restoran
hotel restaurant
(Gıda) otel’in restoranı
i'd like to go to a chinese restaurant
çin restoranına gitmek istiyorum
is there a chinese restaurant nearby
yakınlarda çin restoranı var mı
is there a french restaurant nearby
yakınlarda fransız restoranı var mı
is there a japanese restaurant nearby
yakınlarda japon restoranı var mı
is there a mexican restaurant nearby
yakınlarda meksikan restoranı var mı
is there a russian restaurant nearby
yakınlarda rus restoranı var mı
is there an indian restaurant nearby
yakınlarda hint restoranı var mı
is there an italian restaurant nearby
yakınlarda İtalyan restoranı var mı
kosher restaurant
yahudi restoranı
what a nice restaurant
(isim) kadar güzel bir restoran
what a nice restaurant
ne kadar güzel bir restoran
where can i find a fastfood restaurant
(isim)rede bir fastfood restoran bulabilirim
where can i find a fastfood restaurant
nerede bir fastfood restoran bulabilirim
where is the nearest restaurant
en yakın restoran nerede
where is the restaurant
restoran nerede
İngilizce - İngilizce
An eating establishment in which diners are served food at their tables
{i} business where customers can purchase and eat meals
For purposes of granting licenses of the first class or first and third class, means a place located in a suitable building adequately equipped, and having a sufficient number of employees, to serve meals regularly in a public dining room provided for that purpose Regular meals for the purpose of this regulation shall mean the usual assortment of food commonly ordered at various hours of the day
An eating house
An establishment where meals are prepared and served to the public for consumption for compensation
­ Merchants selling prepared foods in a face-to-face environment, who normally use conventional terminals and swipe their transactions
shall mean a food service establishment where food is served in individual portions for consumption on the premises This term shall not include an establishment which operates exclusively as a caterer, a commissary, a food processing establishment, a mobile food unit, a retail food store or a temporary food service establishment
a building where people go to eat
A restaurant is a place where you can eat a meal and pay for it. In restaurants your food is usually served to you at your table by a waiter or waitress. They ate in an Italian restaurant in Forth Street. a place where you can buy and eat a meal Chinese/French/Mexican etc restaurant (restaurer , from restaurare; RESTORE). Establishment where refreshments or meals are served to paying guests. Though inns and taverns served simple fare to travelers for centuries, the first modern restaurant where guests could order from a varied menu is thought to have belonged to A. Boulanger, a soup vendor who opened his business in Paris in 1765. The sign above his door advertised restoratives, or restaurants, referring to his soups and broths. By 1804 Paris had more than 500 restaurants, and France soon became internationally famous for its cuisine. Other European restaurants include the Italian trattorie, taverns featuring local specialties; the German Weinstuben, informal restaurants with a large wine selection; the Spanish tapas bars, which serve a wide variety of appetizers; and the public houses of England. Asian restaurants include the Japanese sushi bars and teahouses serving formal Kaiseki cuisine as well as the noodle shops of China. Most U.S. restaurant innovations have revolved around speed. The cafeteria originated in San Francisco during the 1849 gold rush; cafeterias feature self-service and offer a variety of foods displayed on counters. The U.S. also pioneered fast-food restaurants such as White Castle (founded 1921) and McDonald's (see Ray Kroc), usually operated as chains and offering limited menus
restaurant critic
The terms food critic, food writer, and restaurant critic can all be used to describe a writer who analyses food or restaurants and then publishes the results of their findings. While these terms are not strictly synonymous they are often used interchangeably, at least in some circumstances. Those who share their opinions via food columns in newspapers and magazines are known as food columnists
restaurant business
business of running a food service where people can sit and eat meals
restaurant car
railroad car where food is served to passengers
restaurant car
A restaurant car is a carriage on a train where passengers can have a meal. a carriage on a train where meals are served = dining car
restaurant chain
a chain of restaurants
restaurant chain
group of restaurants bearing the same name and belonging to the same owners
restaurant review
critique of a restaurant, rating of a restaurant's qualities (food, service, prices, etc.)
restaurant reviewer
person who writes about restaurants and rates them according to quality and service
Alice's Restaurant
An eighteen minute, twenty second song, (Arlo Guthrie, 1967) as a satirical protest against the Vietnam War draft; by extension, any hectic place of apparent reprieve
Chinese restaurant syndrome
A syndrome associated with consumption of the westernized version of Chinese food, characterized by various symptoms such as burning and tingling sensations, rapid heartbeat, and drowsiness, and tentatively ascribed to monosodium glutamate in the food
family restaurant
An eating establishment that serves relatively simple food at reasonable prices, and welcomes children as well as adults
fast food restaurant
Any restaurant characterised by the ability, in principle, to provide hot food with the minimum of delay (typically no longer than a patron would be happy to stand and wait). Does not necessarily preclude the cooking of food to order

The over reliance on fast food restaurants is believed to be a major contributor to the increase in obesity.

take-out restaurant
A restaurant that serves food to be taken outside

There's a take-out restaurant. Let's buy some food and go to the park.

Chinese restaurant
restaurant which serves Chinese food
Chinese restaurant syndrome
A group of symptoms, including dizziness, facial pressure, sweating, and headache, that may occur after the ingestion of food containing large amounts of monosodium glutamate
French restaurant
{i} restaurant which serves French food
Indian restaurant
restaurant specializing in food that is traditionally served in India
Italian restaurant
restaurant which serves Italian food
Japanese restaurant
restaurant specializing in Japanese food
Lebanese restaurant
{i} restaurant serving Lebanese food
Mexican restaurant
restaurant specializing in Mexican food
Rumanian restaurant
restaurant which serves Rumanian style food
chinese restaurant syndrome
headache and tingling or burning feelings and sweating caused by eating food that contains monosodium glutamate
dairy restaurant
restaurant which has a dairy based menu and does not serve meat
drive-in restaurant
restaurant at which one is served without having to leave one's vehicle, drive-through restaurant
fast food restaurant
restaurant in which food is prepared and served quickly
first-class restaurant
excellent restaurant, first-rate restaurant
fish restaurant
{i} restaurant that specializes in preparing different kinds of fish and other seafood dishes; restaurant that serves fish and seafood dishes
oriental restaurant
restaurant which offers grilled meats and the type of food that is enjoyed in eastern countries
plural of restaurant
vegetarian restaurant
place where food based from vegetables is ordered and eaten on location