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İngilizce - Türkçe

Takviye kuvvetler getirdim. - I brought reinforcements.

General Andrews düşman askerlerini savmak için daha fazla takviye gönderdi. - General Andrews sent for more reinforcements to stave off the enemy troops.

{i} güçlendirme
{i} destek
(Askeri,Teknik) takviye etme
(İnşaat) demir donatı
takviye etmek
(Ticaret) teşvik
(Askeri) ikmal
dayanıklığını arttırma
takviye birliği
(Tıp) Takviye, refleks aranması esnasında hastanın refleksi kuvvetlendirmeğe yarayacak birşey yapması
{i} kuvvetlendirme, sağlamlaştırma, pekiştirme
{i} kuvvetlendirıci parça
{i} takviye parçası
(Biyoloji) kuvvetlendirme
(Askeri) TAKVİYE: Bak. "reinforce"

hediye edilen bir kitap okuma alışkanlığı kazandırma açısından olumlu bir pekiştireçtir.

reinforcement mesh
(İnşaat) hasır donatı
reinforcement bar
İnşaat demiri
reinforcement learning
Destekli öğrenme
reinforcement steel
betonarme çelik
reinforcement theory
destek teorisi
reinforcement advertisements
(Ticaret) güçlendirme reklamı
reinforcement cords
takviye kordları
reinforcement cords
takviye kabloları
reinforcement corrosion
(İnşaat) donatı paslanımı
reinforcement cutting shear
(İnşaat) donatı makası
reinforcement detector
(İnşaat) donatı bulucusu
reinforcement grid
inşaat hasır çeliği
reinforcement kit
takviye kiti
reinforcement placement
(İnşaat) donatı montajı
reinforcement plate
takviye plakası
reinforcement power
(İnşaat) donatı gücü
reinforcement projection
teçhizat planı
reinforcement ratio
(İnşaat) donatı oranı
reinforcement shop
(İnşaat) donatı bağlama atölyesi
reinforcement splicing
(İnşaat) demir donatı ekleme
reinforcement steel
betonarme demiri
reinforcement stress
(İnşaat) donatı gerilmesi
reinforcement wall
(Tarım) pekitme duvarı
longitudinal reinforcement
(İnşaat) boyuna donatı
(Askeri) destek
tension reinforcement
çekme donatısı
tension reinforcement
çekme teçhizatı
(İnşaat) takviye birliği
ferrule, ring shaped reinforcement
yüksük, takviye şeklinde yüzük
negative reinforcement
negatif takviye
negative reinforcement
Olumsuz pekiştirme
positive reinforcement
Olumlu pekiştirme
sound reinforcement system
(Mühendislik) Ses güçlendirme sistemi
steel reinforcement
çelik takviye
additional reinforcement
ilave destek
binding reinforcement
bağlantı donatısı
committed forces and reinforcement
(Askeri) Temas halindeki birlikler ve takviyeler
connecting reinforcement
bağlantı teçhizatı
contingent reinforcement
(Pisikoloji, Ruhbilim) olumsal pekiştirme
corner reinforcement
köşe takviyesi
corner reinforcement
köşe donatısı
crosswise reinforcement
çapraz donatı
delayed reinforcement
(Pisikoloji, Ruhbilim) gecikmeli pekiştirme
emergency reinforcement
(Askeri) ACİL TAKVİYE PERSONELİ: ABD Kara Ordusu Milli Muhafız teşkilatının, ABD Kara Ordusu İhtiyat Asli Teşkillerinin veya Faal Ordusunun bir birliğine seferi takviye personeli olarak tertiplenen ve, ABD Kara Ordusu İhtiyat Asli Teşkillerinin bir acil Takviye Kontrol Grubu olarak kabul edilen ABD Kara Ordusu Müşekkel İhtiyat Teşkillerinin birlik dışı bir mükellefi
epoxy coated reinforcement
(Kimya) epoksi boyalı donatı
erection reinforcement
montaj teçhizatı
fender reinforcement
çamurluk takviyesi
fiber reinforcement
(İnşaat) cam elyafı donatı
handling reinforcement
montaj teçhizatı
handling reinforcement
kaldırma teçhizatı
intermittent reinforcement
(Pisikoloji, Ruhbilim) aralıklı pekiştirme
lateral reinforcement
(İnşaat) enine donatı
lateral reinforcement
fretli teçhizat
minimum reinforcement
minimum teçhizat
partial reinforcement
(Pisikoloji, Ruhbilim) kısmi pekiştirme
percentage of reinforcement
(İnşaat) donatı yüzdesi
percentage of reinforcement
demir donatı yüzdesi
percentile reinforcement
(Pisikoloji, Ruhbilim) yüzdeli pekiştirme
(Askeri) Takviye kuvvetleri, tahkimat
takviye kuvvetler

Komutan, takviye kuvvetlerini çağırdı. - The commander called reinforcements up.

Takviye kuvvetler getirdim. - I brought reinforcements.

destek birlikleri
takviye kuvvetleri

Komutan, takviye kuvvetlerini çağırdı. - The commander called reinforcements up.

(Askeri) TAKVİYE KUVVETLERİ: Başka bir kuvveti, özellikle muharebe amacıyla, daha fazla kuvvetlendirmek üzere kullanılan kuvvetler
schedules of reinforcement
(Pisikoloji, Ruhbilim) pekiştirme düzenleri
serial reinforcement
(Pisikoloji, Ruhbilim) seri pekiştirme
shear reinforcement
kesme teçhizatı
shrinkage reinforcement
rötre teçhizatı
shrinkage reinforcement
(İnşaat) rötre donatısı
time out from reinforcement
(Pisikoloji, Ruhbilim) pekiştirmeye ara verme
token reinforcement
(Pisikoloji, Ruhbilim) token pekiştirme
torsion reinforcement
torsiyon teçhizatı
torsion reinforcement
burulma donatısı
transverse reinforcement
enine teçhizat
İngilizce - İngilizce
The process whereby a behavior with desirable consequences comes to be repeated
A thing that reinforces
The act or state of reinforcing or being reinforced
Additional troops or materiel sent to support a military action
The process by which stimuli strengthen behaviors (3)
occurs in the learning process when the consumer's response is followed by satisfaction-that is, reducing the drive
Reinforcements are soldiers or policemen who are sent to join an army or group of police in order to make it stronger. the despatch of police and troop reinforcements
a device designed to provide additional strength; "the cardboard backing was just a strengthener"; "he used gummed reinforcements to hold the page in his notebook"
The strengthening member of a polyurethane component
{i} act of strengthening, fortification; reward or punishment designed to encourage or discourage a particular response (Psychology); act of reinforcing
Reinforcement is receiving a positive or negative consequence for a given behavior that increases the likelihood of that behavior occurring again Negative reinforcement is the removal of an unpleasant stimulus which results in an increase in a given behavior Positive reinforcement is the presentation of a stimulus which results in an increase in a given behavior top
A material used to reinforce, strengthen, or give dimensional stability to another material such as the braid between two (2) layers of a cable sheath
rods or mesh embedded in concrete to strengthen it
Controlling and modifying employee behaviour through the use of systematic rewards and punishments for specific behaviours
A reward for a behavior
The process by which stimuli strengthen behaviors
material used to reinforce, strengthen or give dimensional stability to another material
A behavior modification technique used to increase the likelihood of a desired response or behavior Positive reinforcement is accomplished by immediately strengthening or rewarding a desirablebehavior Negative reinforcement is accomplished by removing the usual unpleasant consequence of the person's behavior (such as yelling "NO") and, instead, ignoring the behavior Positive reinforcement is generally more effective than negative reinforcement
An additional member added to a structural member to provide additional strength
Key element added to the matrix to provide the required properties (primary strength); ranges from short fibers through complex textile forms
A procedure in which aconsequence of a response results in an increase or maintenance of that response
The state of receiving or presenting a reinforcer A stimulus that when presented immediately following a response increases the probability that the response will occur again Can be the presentation of a reward or removal of something unpleasant
information that makes more forcible or convincing; "his gestures provided eloquent reinforcement for his complaints
(psychology) a stimulus that strengthens or weakens the behavior that produced it
The reduction in drive that results from a proper response
The use of a reinforcer, in our case a positive reinforcer, to increase the likelihood of a response being repeated
behaviour therapy technique that encourages a desired behavior, through rewards such as praise or attention
an act performed to strengthen approved behavior
Steel embedded in concrete in such a manner that the two materials act together to resist forces
A procedure to strengthen or weaken a response by the administration of immediate rewards (positive reinforcement) or punishment (negative reinforcement)
Method for strengthening paper with an insert or surface layer of glass or other synthetic fibre or metal
any event or procedure that brings about learning or increases the frequency of a response, such as a reward
A material added to the matrix to provide the required properties; ranges from short fibers through complex textile forms
(a) In classical conditioning, the experimental procedure of following the conditioned stimulus by the unconditioned stimulus (b) In operant conditioning, the analogous procedure of following the occurrence of the operant response by the reinforcing stimulus (c) The process that increases the strength of conditioning as a result of these arrangements See also negative reinforcement, partial reinforcement, positive reinforcement
The reinforcement of something is the process of making it stronger. I am sure that this meeting will contribute to the reinforcement of peace and security all over the world
the strengthening members, consisting of either fabric, cord, and/or metal, of a hose See ply
the process whereby behavior is increased because of a consequence associated with that behavior
information that makes more forcible or convincing; "his gestures provided eloquent reinforcement for his complaints"
a military operation (often involving new supplies of men and materiel) to strengthen a military force or aid in the performance of its mission; "they called for artillery support"
the act of reinforcing, the state of being reinforced or something that reinforces
reinforcement iron
iron rods used to strengthen concrete structures
negative reinforcement
The removal of a discouraging stimulus associated with a particular behaviour with the result that it is more likely to be repeated
positive reinforcement
The giving of encouragement to a particular behaviour with the result that it is more likely to be repeated

The mother did not realize that by giving her son candy every time he cried was positive reinforcement.

primary reinforcement
A consequence, such as food or water, that fulfills a primary, unlearned drive, such as hunger or thirst, and thereby reinforces a behavior without dependence on prior learning
vicarious reinforcement
Reinforcement that occurs when you imitate the behavior of someone who has been reinforced for that behavior, as when avoiding hot water having seen another person burned by it
negative reinforcement
(Psikoloji, Ruhbilim) Psychological reinforcement by removal of an unpleasant stimulus when a desired response occurs
sound reinforcement system
A system for amplifying audio for an audience
negative reinforcement
reaction of placing and then removing all discomfort as a method of encouraging the continuation of the desired behavior
positive reinforcement
encouragement, motivation, incentive, positive urging
plural of reinforcement
send reinforcement
send support, send backup



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