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İngilizce - Türkçe
yeniden yapılandırmak
yeniden yapılandır
tekrar kurmak
{f} yeniden düzenlemek
(kurutulmuş yiyeceği) su katarak yenilir/içilir hale getirmek
{f} sulandırmak
{f} yeniden oluşturmak
{f} su katmak
(Askeri) YENİDEN KURMAK: Mevcut iken herhangi bir sebeple elden çıkan bir şeyi yeniden kurmak, yeniden ortaya çıkarmak. Örneğin; yeni bir ihtiyat kurmak
{f} yeniden kurmak
{f} parçaları birleştirip sonuca varmak
yeniden tertip etmek
tekrar oluştur
reconstituted milk içine su karıştırılmış süt tozu
yeniden yapılandırılmış
(Gıda) rekonstitüye
yeniden yapılandırılan
{f} yeniden yapılandır
(Tıp) Yeniden oluşma, özellikle kuru halde muhafaza edilen bir maddenin su ile karıştırılarak tekrar eski (normal) haline getirilmesi (Süt tozunun su ile süt haline getirilişi veya kurutulmuş plazmanın sulandırılarak kan plazması halini alışı gibi)
İngilizce - İngilizce
to add liquid to a concentrated or dehydrated food to return it to its original consistency
to construct something anew, or in a different manner
To bring (a liquid in concentrate or powder form) to normal strength by adding water
To reconstitute dried food means to add water to it so that it can be eaten. To reconstitute dried tomatoes, simmer in plain water until they are tender Try eating reconstituted dried prunes, figs or apricots
To bring a dried or dehydrated product to its original consistency by adding a liquid
To bring a dried, dehydrated food back to its original consistency by adding a liquid
construct or form anew or provide with a new structure; "After his accident, he had to restructure his life"; "The governing board was reconstituted"
To restore concentrated foods to normal state, usuallly by adding water
To bring (a liquid in concentrate or powder form) to normal strength by adding water ADVANCE \x 540
To restore concentrated food to its natural state, usually by adding water
If an organization or state is reconstituted, it is formed again in a different way. Slowly Jewish communities were reconstituted and Jewish life began anew
Simple past tense and past participle of reconstitute
past of reconstitute
constructed anew
present participle of reconstitute
rebuilding and restoring to functionality (e g , reconstitution of a damaged immune system)
The rest, refitting, maintenance, and replacement necessary to restore a military unit to its full capability, often after it has been depleted by military operations
Owner/operator directed restoration of critical assets and/or infrastructure
The act of reconstituting
(n) to recompose
{i} act of rebuilding, reconstruction, recomposition
The total process of keeping the force supplied with various supply classes, services, and replacement personnel and equipment required to maintain the desired level of combat effectiveness and of restoring units that are not combat effective to the desired level of combat effectiveness through the replacement of critical equipment and personnel Reconstitution encompasses unit regeneration and sustaining support
The process of adding liquid to a dry powder to make a new solution Prescription drugs that are given by injection are often provided as a dry powder, which must be reconstituted (e g liquid must be added) before it can be used
Describes the piece-by-piece rebuilding of a structure's original components either in the original location or a new site May be required when a structure lacks integrity even though its original components are sound On of the most common reasons for reconstitution is land use change which requires the relocation of a structure