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İngilizce - İngilizce
To affirm again
To bolster or support

The recent tragedy only served to reaffirm his faith.

The debtor can chose to reaffirm debts that would otherwise be discharged by the bankruptcy Generally, when a debt is reaffirmed, the parties to the reaffirmed debt have the same rights and liabilities that each had prior to the bankruptcy filing: the debtor is obligated to pay and the creditor can sue or repossess if the debtor doesn't pay More on reaffirmation and the alternatives
{f} affirm again, reconfirm, recertify
affirm once again; "He reaffirmed his faith in the church"
If you reaffirm something, you state it again clearly and firmly. He reaffirmed his commitment to the country's economic reform programme The government has reaffirmed that it will take any steps necessary to maintain law and order. to formally state an opinion, belief, or intention again, especially when someone has questioned you or expressed a doubt = reiterate
affirm once again; "He reaffirmed his faith in the church
A second affirmation
An act of reaffirming; a second or subsequent affirmation
renewed affirmation
{i} reconfirmation, recertification, renewed affirmation
past of reaffirm
present participle of reaffirm
third-person singular of reaffirm