raw material

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İngilizce - Türkçe

Odun, kağıt üretimi için bir hammaddedir. - Wood is the raw material for making paper.

Japonya, Çin'den hammadde ithal eder ve Çin'e hazır ürün ihraç eder. - Japan imports raw materials from China and exports finished products to it.

ham madde

Japonya yurtdışından birçok önemli ham madde ithal eder. - Japan imports various raw materials from abroad.

Japonya ham madde açısından ithalata bağımlıdır. - Japan depends on imports for raw materials.

işlenmemiş özdek
raw material inventory
(Ticaret) ham madde stoku
create from raw material
ham maddeden üret
industrial raw material
endüstriyel hammadde
raw materials

Japonya, Çin'den hammadde ithal eder ve Çin'e hazır ürün ihraç eder. - Japan imports raw materials from China and exports finished products to it.

raw materials
(Hukuk) ham madde

Gemi Endonezya'dan ham madde taşıyor. - The ship transports raw materials from Indonesia.

Japonya yurt dışından çeşitli ham maddeleri ithal eder. - Japan imports various raw materials from abroad.

textile raw material
tekstil hammaddesi
İngilizce - İngilizce
Any input to a factory or other installation which processes it

The assembly plant's raw materials are finished parts from Asian suppliers.

A material in its unprocessed, natural state considered usable for manufacture

Petroleum is the raw material refined into various fuels and needed for countless chemicals.

the original material as taken from its source, usually the ground A good example is bauxite ore that is used to make aluminum
Used to identify different formats of information such as handwritten material, posters, bills of sale, certificates and documents, typed pages, etc that are to be used in preparing a Camera Ready Manuscript
substance that is still in its natural state
Material entered into a manufacturing process
material suitable for manufacture or use or finishing
resources purchased as inputs to the transformation process that have not yet been transformed
(Ticaret) Purchased items, such as bar stock or food ingredients, transformed by manufacturing operations into an intermediate or finished item. Often used in reference to bulk or commodity items but may include individual components (piece parts) such as nuts, bolts and screws
Materials that are converted by a manufacturer into a final product
Materials a manufacturer converts into a finished product
An unprocessed natural substance used in manufacturing
an unprocessed natural resource or product used in manufacturing
create from raw material
make from scratch
raw materials
the materials from which a product is made They may be natural materials such as wood or made such as plastics
raw materials
Materials purchased for manufacture, not yet altered by the production process
raw materials
The basic materials that become part of physical products p 252
raw materials
materials in their natural, unmanufactured state Top
raw materials
Materials used in the manufacturing process
raw materials
in GEMIS are resources which are converted into useful primary materials Examples are ores (for metals), minerals (e g chalk, gravel, sand, stones), air and water, but also oil, natural gas, coal and biomass if they are used as matter (e g construction materials, lubricants)
raw materials
minerals, metals, agricultural goods, etc extracted from the ground and used in industry
raw materials
-inventory used in the manufacturing process Though some would categorize raw materials as very base materials in bulk form such as carloads of ore or unitized loads of paper, plastic, or steel, I generally consider anything used in the manufacturing process as a raw material I use the term synonymously with the term "components"
raw materials
Farm products (such as cattle, wool, eggs, milk, pigs, and canola) and natural products (such as coal, copper, iron ore, and lumber)
raw materials
A natural unprocessed material used in a manufacturing process
raw materials
Materials which in their natural state are of little use but, when transformed into something else, are a source of wealth or prosperity Examples: tress changed into tables and chairs, iron changed into steel, crude oil changed into plastic
raw materials
Substances in a natural state before they go through manufacturing or processing
raw materials
Unfinished goods consumed by a manufacturer in
raw materials
Materials such as stock for plate, strip, extruded parts Activities within A0 perform preparation including cutting stock to size and/or shape, shaping weld joints, cleaning
raw materials
Any ingredients or components of a mixture or product before mixing and processing take place
raw materials
resources in their naturally occurring unrefined or unprocessed state
raw material


    raw ma·te·ri·al

    Türkçe nasıl söylenir

    rä mıtîriıl


    /ˈrä məˈtərēəl/ /ˈrɑː məˈtɪriːəl/


    [ 'ro ] (adjective.) before 12th century. Middle English, from Old English hrEaw; akin to Old High German hrO raw, Latin crudus raw, cruor blood, Greek kreas flesh.


    ... But, you know, if you look at the raw material costs of a ...
    ... And you can break down and say, what is the raw material ...

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