randevu ver

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Türkçe - İngilizce
{f} tryst
To keep a tryst, to meet at an agreed place and time
To make a tryst; to agree to meet at a place
A prearranged meeting or assignation, now especially between lovers to meet at a specific place and time

If someone trusts you, what is lost if you betray that trust? As Scarlett is tempted to see it, sometimes nothing at all. If her husband remains ignorant of her tryst, then his trust in her will remain intact. ‘No one gets hurt’ runs her reasoning, so why not go ahead?.

To trust
To arrange or appoint (a meeting time etc.)
To agree with to meet at a certain place; to make an appointment with
A tryst is a meeting between lovers in a quiet secret place. = assignation. a meeting between lovers in a secret place or at a secret time - often used humorously (triste , probably from a language)
a date; usually with a member of the opposite sex
A mutual agreement, a covenant
To mutually agree to meet at a certain place
An appointment to meet; also, an appointed place or time of meeting; as, to keep tryst; to break tryst
a secret rendezvous (especially between lovers)
{i} clandestine appointment made by lover; meeting; meeting place