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İngilizce - İngilizce
having four sides
a polygon having four sides
{a} having four sides or angles
Having four sides, and consequently four angles; quadrangular
- Four sided polygon
A 4-sided polygon
A quadrilateral is a 4-sided figure: It can be any shape, as long as it has four sides A square is a quadrilateral Now here is a problem for you: Name another quadrilateral figure
a shape with four sides -- "If two sides of a quadrilateral are parallel " (250)
A four sided polygon The sum of a quadrilateral’s interior angles is 360°
An area defended by four fortresses supporting each other; as, the Venetian quadrilateral, comprising Mantua, Peschiera, Verona, and Legnano
A polygon that has four sides (cfQuadrilateral Discussion)
A four (quad) sided polygon/shape
A four-sided polygon (Lesson 2 5)
A polygon with 4 angles and 4 sides that are curved, straight, or both
A four-sided polygon
A polygon with four sides
Four-sided; having a four-sided base or section
A geometric figure with four sides
{s} four-sided, having four sides; square
A (complete) quadrilateral is a set of 4 lines, no 3 concurrent, and the 6 points determined by the lines If a, b, c, d are the 4 lines then a b and c d, a,c and b d, and a d and b c are pairs of opposite vertices The lines joining opposite pairs of vertices are called diagonal lines of the quadrilateral
a four-sided shape
a flat shape with four straight sides
{i} square; quadrilateral, four-sided and four-angled plane figure (Geometry); area of land between four fortresses
a polygon of four sides
A quadrilateral is a polygon of four sides Some special quadrilaterals: Square Rectangle Parallelogram Trapezoid
- any four sided polygon
A plane figure having four sides, and consequently four angles; a quadrangular figure; any figure formed by four lines
cyclic quadrilateral
A quadrilateral whose vertices all intersect a single circle
A quadrilateral





    [ "kwä-dr&-'la-t(&- ] (noun.) 1650. : From Latin quadrilaterus (1650), quadri- (four) + latus (sided)

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