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İngilizce - İngilizce
Someone who lets himself be picked or bullied on without defending or stand up for him/herself
Someone who is easily swayed or influenced to change his/her mind or comply

I'm a pushover when it comes to buying new kitchen gadgets.

any undertaking that is easy to do; "marketing this product will be no picnic"
You say that something is a pushover when it is easy to do or easy to get. You might think Hungarian a pushover to learn. It is not. = doddle. be a pushover a to be easy to persuade, influence, or defeat
{i} gullible person, sucker; simple task, something that is easily done; person or thing that is easily defeated
someone who is easily taken advantage of
You say that someone is a pushover when you find it easy to persuade them to do what you want. He is a tough negotiator. We did not expect to find him a pushover and he has not been one
plural of pushover