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İngilizce - Türkçe
{i} takma ad

Yazarlar genellikle bir takma ad kullanır. - Writers often use a pseudonym.

Betty sadece bir takma addır. - Betty is just a pseudonym.

{i} yazarın takma adı
pseudonym pha
(Hayvan Bilim, Zooloji) yalancı menf
İngilizce - İngilizce
A fictitious name, often used by writers and movie stars

The best example of its literary use so far are the German novel The Golem, by Gustav Meyrink, and the drama The Dybbuk, by the jewish writer using the pseudonym Ansky.

a fictitious name, especially when assumed by a writer
A fictitious name assumed for the time, as by an author; a pen name
A pseudonym is a name which someone, usually a writer, uses instead of his or her real name. Both plays were published under the pseudonym of Philip Dayre. an invented name that a writer, artist etc uses instead of their real name under a pseudonym (pseudonyme, from pseudonymos )
a fictitious name used when the person performs a particular social role
The fictitious name of the Compiler of a crossword Compilers originally chose names (such as Ximenes) which would strike fear into the hearts of solvers Pseudonyms are now much more diverse and are often punningly linked to the compiler's real name, interests etc
A fictitious name, often used by writers and porn stars
{i} fictitious name; pen name, name used by an author in place of his real name; assumed name
a name assumed by an author to conceal his/her identity
A name assumed by an author to conceal or obscure his or her identity
- fictitious name used by an author
plural of pseudonym