listen to the pronunciation of propriety
İngilizce - İngilizce
fitness; the quality of being appropriate

Now, if we may, with propriety, refer to the people one question, why may we not, with equal propriety, refer another?.

correctness in behaviour and morals

Elinor then ventured to doubt the propriety of her receiving such a present from a man so little, or at least so lately known to her.

accordance with recognized usage, custom, or principles
{n} fitness, justness, exclusive right
Propriety is the quality of being socially or morally acceptable. Their sense of social propriety is eroded. impropriety
That which is proper or peculiar; an inherent property or quality; peculiarity
Individual right to hold property; ownership by personal title; property
The quality or state of being proper; suitableness to an acknowledged or correct standard or rule; consonance with established principles, rules, or customs; fitness; appropriateness; as, propriety of behavior, language, manners, etc
{i} fairness, decency; courtesy, politeness; appropriateness; suitability, fitness
correct or appropriate behavior
plural form of propriety
{i} accepted rules of etiquette
The proprieties are the standards of social behaviour which most people consider socially or morally acceptable. respectable couples who observe the proprieties but loathe each other
The customs associated with polite society
plural of propriety