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İngilizce - Türkçe
{s} tescilli

Bizim yazılımımız tescillidir. - Our software is proprietary.

(Ticaret) sahiplik
sahiplik taslayan
birinin malı olan
{s} şahsi
(Tıp) Bir tek şahıs veya müessese tarafından yapılıp satılabilen
(Nükleer Bilimler) mülkiyet
{s} mal sahibine ait
{s} birinin mülkü olan, özel
{s} müseccel
{i} mal sahibi
{s} özel
{i} tescilli mümessil
{i} hissedarlar
proprietary medicine tescilli ilâç
{s} mülkiyet ile ilgili
{i} mal sahipleri
{i} tescilli ilaç
birinin mülkü olan
{s} kişiye özel
{s} mal sahipliğine ait
sahip çıkan
Proprietary information
özel bilgi
proprietary article
(Askeri) patentli madde
proprietary information
sahibine özel bilgi
proprietary company
kodak şirketi
proprietary company
holding şirketi
proprietary medicine
tescilli ilaç
proprietary name
müseccel marka
proprietary card
özel kart
proprietary church
özel kilise
proprietary make
yapan patentli
proprietary trading
özel işlem
proprietary account
(Ticaret) şahsi hesap
proprietary article
(Askeri) PATENTLİ MADDE: Bir patent müsaadesi altında imal edilen ve satılan veya yalnız bir tek yerden temin edilen madde
proprietary company
(Ticaret) bir kişiye ait şirket
proprietary interest
(Ticaret) sahiplerin çıkarı
proprietary interest
(Ticaret) kısmi veya tam sahiplik
proprietary interest account
(Ticaret) öz sermaye hesabı
proprietary interest only
(Askeri) YALNIZ EYALET MENFAATİ: İlgili eyalet (state) tarafından; bir bölge üzerindeki yetkilerinden, Federal Hükümet Adına, hiç bir fedakarlıkta bulunulmayan hallerde uygulanan terim
proprietary material
(Ticaret) tescilli markalı gereç
proprietary medicine
(Ticaret) müstahzar ilaç
proprietary modelling
(Ticaret) tescilli model
proprietary modelling
(Ticaret) tescilli modeli
proprietary modelling
(Ticaret) bir şirketin kendine özgü
proprietary rights
(Ticaret) tescilli haklar
proprietary specifications
(Ticaret) tescil tanımlamaları
olmayan özel
caution, proprietary information involved
(Askeri) dikkat, patent bilgisiyle ilgili
İngilizce - İngilizce
Privately owned, as a proprietary lake
Possessive, jealous, or territorial
Manufactured exclusively by the owner of intellectual property rights (IPR), as with a patent or trade secret

The continuous profitability of the company is based on its many proprietary products.

Of or relating to the quality of being an owner, as the proprietary class
Of or relating to property or ownership, as proprietary rights
unique to a given manufacturer
Research designed specifically for a client and not provided to any other parties Proprietary research is typically designed for process improvement
Privately developed and owned technology
A proprietor or owner; one who has exclusive title to a thing; one who possesses, or holds the title to, a thing in his own right
{a} belonging to some certain owner
{n} a possessor in his own right
Any feature of a golf club that is unique to a particular manufacturer For example, each manufacturer's head or shaft designs are proprietary to that manufacturer Proprietary designs, logos, etc are often patented by the company developing them in order to secure their exclusive use for a given time period
exclusive use or ownership of a certain item
Belonging to a particular company, as in patents Many things can be proprietary, such as the formula for a drug, the techniques for altering viruses in the laboratory, and so on
protected by trademark or patent or copyright; made or produced or distributed by one having exclusive rights; "`Tylenol' is a proprietary drug of which `acetaminophen' is the generic form"
- A technology or product that is owned exclusively by a single company that carefully guards knowledge about the technology or the product's inner workings Some proprietary products can only function properly if at all when used with other products owned by the same company An example of a proprietary product is Adobe Acrobat, whose Portable Document Format (PDF) files can only be read with the Acrobat Reader Microsoft is often held up as the best example of a company that takes the proprietary approach It should be observed that the proprietary approach is a traditional approach Throughout history, the knowledge of how an enterprise makes its products has usually been guarded as a valuable secret and such legal devices as the patent, trademark, and copyright were invented to protect a company's intellectual property Source
If someone has a proprietary attitude towards something, they act as though they own it. Directors weren't allowed any proprietary airs about the product they made. = proprietorial
A specification or implementation created by a single private organization
Relating to property or ownership
A body proprietors, taken collectively
Refers to a technological design or architecture whose configuration is unavailable to the public and may not be duplicated without permission from the designer or architect Apple's Macintosh platform is the quintessential example of proprietary architecture No other computer firm may "clone" it Back to Top
This term describes a system that is defined by one vendor and typically not supported by others
Property of a particular company which has effective control Said of software, protocols, hardware, etc
Of or relating to the quality of being an owner
Belonging, or pertaining, to a proprietor; considered as property; owned; as, proprietary medicine
A protocol or communications system developed by a company, as opposed to those emanating from a standards organization
a life insurance company that issues its profits to its shareholders
An item which is manufactured by only one company but is distributed through various vendors; competitive bidding is required
Proprietary substances or products are sold under a trade name. some proprietary brands of dog food We had to take action to protect the proprietary technology. generic
Means not in accordance with a general standard -- created for a given company's purposes For example, MS Word stores Word documents in a proprietary format Similarly, the dBase command language is a programming language intended for use with the dBase programs only It is a proprietary programming language
Manufactured articles which some person or persons have exclusive right to make and sell [from U S Statutes]
In information technology, proprietary describes a technology or product that is owned exclusively by a single company that carefully guards knowledge about the technology or the product's inner workings Some proprietary products can only function properly if at all when used with other products owned by the same company
pertaining to a product or service that is unique and for which there are exclusive legal rights and/or a patents
proprietorship: an unincorporated business owned by a single person who is responsible for its liabilities and entitled to its profits
A monk who had reserved goods and effects to himself, notwithstanding his renunciation of all at the time of profession
This is a word that is (unfortunately) used fairly frequently in the computer and audio worlds In the broader sense, proprietary means that a concept or product is unique to, and the property of a manufacturer or company More commonly, proprietary refers to a manufacturer designing a product to only work with other products from that same manufacturer For example, a manufacturer might make a synthesizer that can only save patch information to specific, specially designed RAM cards, rather than to more universal PCMCIA cards, floppy disks, or whatever In order to save that synth's information you would be required to use the proprietary cards available only from that manufacturer While the word "proprietary" is often given a negative connotation, keep in mind that building gear around proprietary designs and options allows a manufacturer to implement features that might not be possible if everything were standardized and generic
an unincorporated business owned by a single person who is responsible for its liabilities and entitled to its profits
Made and sold by one with the sole right to do so
Profit making; owned and operated for the purpose of making a profit, whether or not one is actually made
(I) Refers to information (or other property) that is owned by an individual or organization and for which the use is restricted by that entity [2]
An option that is only possible if using hardware or software for which it was designed
{s} of a proprietor, of an owner; of property, of a possession; protected by a patent or trade mark
Meaning that information concerning the methods or implementation of a technology are owned by an individual or a company "Proprietary "may mean that the information is secret or that the information must be licensed from the owner before it can be used
{i} owner, proprietor; ownership; property, possession
Privately owned
proprietary eponym
A brand name or trademark of a successful product, that has come into general use to refer to the generic class of objects rather than the specific brand type, without the exclusive rights to said product being lost by the parent company. For example, kleenex is used to describe many types of facial tissue. Compare to genericized trademark
proprietary eponyms
plural form of proprietary eponym
proprietary trading
Trading activity conducted by a securities firm for its own profit rather than for its clients
proprietary card
card issued by a bank to its customers enabling them to have access to their credit or deposit accounts
proprietary colony
Any of certain early North American colonies, such as Carolina and Pennsylvania, organized in the 17th century in territories granted by the English Crown to one or more proprietors who had full governing rights. Type of settlement in British North America (1660-90). To repay political and financial debts, the British crown, beginning with Charles II, awarded supporters vast tracts of land in colonial New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Maryland, and the Carolinas. The proprietors were to supervise and develop the colonies, which became successful enterprises. By 1690 concern about the colonies' growing independence from control by British officials led to the end of proprietary grants
proprietary colony
a colony given to a proprietor to govern (in 17th century)
proprietary right
exclusive right to control something of financial value
proprietary trading
Taking positions in an asset or derivative to express a view, for example, that a stock price will rise or that implied volatility will fall
proprietary trading
When a dealer trades in securities or derivatives for the account of the firm itself rather than on behalf of its clients
proprietary trading
Trading activity conducted by a securities firm for its own account rather than for its clients



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    /prəˈprīəˌterē/ /prəˈpraɪəˌtɛriː/


    [ pr&-'prI-&-"ter-E ] (noun.) 15th century. From French propriétaire proprietarius. Compare with the Latin proprietas (property), and proprius (ownership).

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