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İngilizce - Türkçe

Dilimizi mümkün olan her şekilde tanıtmak önemlidir. - It is important to promote our language in every possible way.

reklamla ilgili
(isim) reklâm
reklâmla ilgili
promo single
Radyolar için hazırlanmış özel, ücretsiz şarkı
İngilizce - İngilizce
short for promotion
(noun) An interview Doing an interview is called "cutting a promo"
A non-wrestling on camera appearance by a wrestler, usually to sell an upcoming match
A promo is something such as a short video film which is used to promote a product. He races his cars, and hires them out for film, TV and promo videos. promos a short film that advertises an event or product
Or trail - usually of standard durations of 15", 20" 30", 45 or 60 seconds
{i} promotion, advertisement, sales promotion, promotional presentation , encouragement to buy a certain product; promotional movie; blurb, short advertisement that is intended to make people interested in the item offered
1 Abr Promotion, promotional 2 Slang A promotional announcement or advertisement
advertisement, sales promotion, encouragement to buy a certain product
{f} promote, foster sales through advertising, encourage sales, make publicity for
{s} of or pertaining to the promotion of-, involving the promotion of a product; promotional
A promotional announcement, usually for the station, but it can also promote client participation in an event i e , a station promo might mention the evening news with it's award winning news team while a client promo might mention that the advertiser will be giving away station t-shirts at the ball game
A short roleplay in the form of a commercial
plural of promo

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    /ˈprōˌmō/ /ˈproʊˌmoʊ/


    [ 'prO-(")mO ] (noun.) 1946. short for promotional.

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