listen to the pronunciation of unripe
İngilizce - İngilizce
Not ripe; as, unripe fruit
Developing too early; premature
{a} not yet ripe, sour, hard, too early
not fully prepared
{s} immature, not fully developed, green, premature
Unripe fruit or vegetables are not yet ready to eat. ripe. unripe fruit, grain etc is not fully developed or ready to be eaten
not fully developed or mature; not ripe; "unripe fruit"; "fried green tomatoes"; "green wood"
unripe fig
fig that is not fully matured, undeveloped fig
unripe fruit
fruit which is not ready to be eaten
unripe grapes
sour grapes, grapes that are not fully matured
To open something by ripping/tearing
{v} to rip open, cut open, disclose, tell
To rip; to cut open