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İngilizce - Türkçe
{i} orijinal nüsha
{i} dede
{i} önce gelen kimse [pol.]
önce gelen kimse
İngilizce - İngilizce
Someone who originates something
A predecessor of something, especially if also a precursor or model

ARPANET was the progenitor of the Internet.

An ancestral form of a species
A forefather, any of a person's direct ancestors
An individual from whom one or more people (dyansty, tribe, nation...) are descended

Abraham alias Ibrahim is the progenitor of both the Jewish and Arab peoples.

A founder
{n} an ancestor, a forefather
Thing that originates something or serves as a model
Parent; founder of a family; ancestor
{i} distant ancestor, forefather; father, male parent; sire, procreator, begetter
The progenitor of an idea or invention is the person who first thought of it. Clive Sinclair, progenitor of the C5 electric car. = originator
An ancestor in the direct line; a forefather
The originator of a line of descent, frequently used in reference to the immigrant ancestor of a line
someone who originates or founds something
A progenitor of someone is a direct ancestor of theirs. He was also a progenitor of seven presidents of Nicaragua
any of a persons direct ancestors
A progenitor is an ancestor or precursor
an ancestor in the direct line
an originator of a line of descent, frequently used in reference to the immigrant ancestor
a predecessor of something, e.g. "ARPANET was the progenitor of the Internet
plural of progenitor



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    /prōˈʤenətər/ /proʊˈʤɛnɪtɜr/


    [ prO-'je-n&-t&r, pr& ] (noun.) 14th century. From Middle English, from Middle French progeniteur (Modern French progéniteur), from Latin progenitor, from progenitus, perfect participle of progignere (“to beget”), itself from pro- (“forth”) + gignere (“to beget”).

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