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İngilizce - Türkçe
{i} önceden varsayma
var olduğunu farzetme
{i} önceden farzedilen şey
{i} -in var olduğunu farzetme
{i} tahmin
entrenched presupposition
(Eğitim) Değişmez önvarsayım

Değişmez önvarsayımlar eğitimde yeni bilgilerin kavranmasını engelleyebilirler.

İngilizce - İngilizce
An assumption, conjecture, speculation or something supposed without proof
The act of presupposing
What is implicitly involved in making an assertion Hence, according to P F Strawson, a presupposition is a necessary condition for either the truth or the falsity of the statement that presupposes it Thus, for example, "My grand-daughter is a smart baby"—whether or not she exhibits intelligent behavior—presupposes that I do, in fact, have at least one female grand-child Recommended Reading: Douglas N Walton, Argumentation Schemes for Presumptive Reasoning (Erlbaum, 1995) {at Amazon com}; Nirit Kadmon, Formal Pragmatics: Semantics, Pragmatics, Presupposition, and Focus (Blackwell, 2001) {at Amazon com}; and Gennaro Chierchia, Dynamics of Meaning: Anaphora, Presupposition, and the Theory of Grammar (Chicago, 1995) {at Amazon com} Also see OCDL and noesis
A presupposition is something that you assume to be true, especially something which you must assume is true in order to continue with what you are saying or thinking. the presupposition that human life must be sustained for as long as possible
A datum that is assumed to be correct but that often isn't voiced explicitly or proven
the foundational element of a world view; a belief which is not inferred from other beliefs either inductively or deductively
The act of presupposing; an antecedent implication; presumption
the act of presupposing; a supposition made prior to having knowledge (as for the purpose of argument)
a generally implicit assumption (though it can be made explicit) underlying a claim or a process of inference
That which is presupposed; a previous supposition or surmise
1 - Something that has to be taken for granted for a behavior or statement to make sense 2 - The linguistic equivalents to assumptions Of NLP, Convenient beliefs or assumptions you make when you are doing therapy with someone
{i} early assumption, prior conjecture, previous presumption
plural of presupposition

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    assumption, conjecture


    /ˌprēsəpəˈzəsʜən/ /ˌpriːsəpəˈzɪʃən/


    [ "prE-s&-'pOz ] (transitive verb.) 15th century. Middle English, from Middle French presupposer, from Medieval Latin praesupponere , from Latin prae- + Medieval Latin supponere to suppose; more at SUPPOSE.

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