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İngilizce - Türkçe
{i} (yol yüzeyinde arabaların yol açtığı) çukur

Dikkat et! Yolda çukur var. - Watch out! There's a pothole in the road.

Dikkatli ol! Yolda bir çukur var. - Careful! There's a pothole on the road.

burgaç deliği
(yolda oluşan) çukur
derin çukur
{i} kaya çukuru
kayalarda su ve çakılların açtığı çukur
yol çukuru/devkazan
şelalelerde suy ve çakıl etkinliği ile oluşan çukur
{i} yol çukuru
moulin pothole
(Jeoloji) buzul kazanı
{i} mağara araştırıcısı
mağara arayıcı
(isim) mağara araştırıcısı
mağara arama

Tom ve Mary mağara aramaya gitti. - Tom and Mary went potholing.

İngilizce - İngilizce
A vertical cave system, often found in limestone
A shallow pit or other edged depression in a road's surface, especially when caused by erosion by weather or traffic
A pit formed in the bed of a turbulent stream
A pit resulting from unauthorized excavation by treasure hunters or vandals
a pit or hole produced by wear or weathering (especially in a road surface)
A hole in a road's surface, especially one caused by erosion or traffic use
{i} hole in the ground; hole in the surface of a road; cave opening
Literally, a small, rounded hole; can be in rock, ground, stream beds, or other terrain
A bowl-shaped depression in a rock surface that has been carved by the whirling action of a stone in a stream bed
A bowl-shaped depression in a rock surface that has been carved by the whirling action of stones in a stream bed
A bowl-shaped depression formed when a large piece of ice is left behind in side glacial till (Fills with meltwater and later becomes a wetland )
A circular hole formed in the rocky beds of rivers by the grinding action of stones or gravel whirled round by the water in what was at first a natural depression of the rock
Shallow marsh-like ponds, particularly as found in the Dakotas
A shallow, small pond that may hold water throughout the year
A pothole is a large hole in the surface of a road, caused by traffic and bad weather
A pothole is a deep hole in the ground. Potholes often lead to underground caves and tunnels
A smooth bowl carved into bedrock by the grinding action of stones whirling around an eddy in a river, such as at a rapids Many potholes were formed by torrents of glacial meltwater during the Ice Age The best place to see these along the Ice Age Trail is near the western terminus in Interstate Park formed when the St Croix River was much deeper than today
Vertical type of cave (see cave)
someone who explores potholes as a hobby
a pothole
Having potholes in its surface
a person who explores caves
plural of pothole
(British) exploring of caves or pits
Potholing is the leisure activity of going into underground caves and tunnels. the sport of climbing down potholes and underground caves = caving
a form of caving involving the exploration of potholes