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İngilizce - Türkçe
(Otomotiv) pim deliği
(Gıda) gözenek
iğne deliği

Bir ayakkabı kutusuyla, bir iğne deliği kamerası yapabilirsiniz. - You can build a pinhole camera with a shoe box.

İğne deliği, küçük delik, iğne ile açılmış delik
{i} küçük delik
{i} iğne ile açılmış delik
ufak delik
(Gıda) delik
pinhole camera
iğne delikli kamera
pinhole surgery
(Tıp) laparoskopik cerrahi
(Tekstil) benek ( nokta )
İngilizce - İngilizce
A small hole, of a size that could have been made by a pin
{n} a small hole made by a pin
A small, pore-like defect or leak extending entirely through the lining thickness and appearing as a discontinuity; synonymous with "holiday"
1 A small clear spot on a negative usually caused by dust on the film during exposure or development or by a small air bubble that keeps developer from the film during development
This artifact is defined as a bare spot on the surface of the polarizer such that light can pass through without being polarized This type of artifact impacts contrast but is not visible in transmission
a small puncture that might have been made by a pin
A small undesired hole in the photoresist or in the opaque region of a mask or reticle
{i} hole made by a pin; hole for a pin or nail
Very small holes in paint film, usually not deep enough to show the undercoat
A pinhole is a tiny hole. a very small hole in something, especially one made by a pin
A vertical hole running through the middle of the insulator It may or may not extend all the way through the insulator and may or may not be threaded Designed to receive a pin or bracket See also: Threaded Insulator, Threadless Insulator
a tiny hole in a coating, film, foil, membrane or laminate
A very small hole that may permit the passage of light' moisture' or electrical current
A very small hole in the extruded resin coating
an occluder with small holes that is held over the patients own glasses to see if their vision improves The pinhole gives the sharpest vision possible and gives an idea of what vision would be like if the patients glasses were changed
The exact centre of the target usually marked by a cross
(1) A small, unwanted, transparent area in the developed emulsion of a negative or black area on a positive; usually due to dust or other defects on the copy, copyboard glass or on the film (2) In paper, small imperfections caused by foreign matter on its surface during papermaking to top
pinhole camera
{i} simple camera having no lens
Undesirable tiny holes in the printed image that are sometimes only visible when backlit
- Small defects in finish film caused by surface contamination Resembles tiny holes in the finish
plural of pinhole
Small, dot-like failures of a printed ink to form a continuous film Small holes in the high density area of a litho film
– Small defects in finish film caused by surface contamination Resembles tiny holes in the finish
Tiny areas that are not covered by ink