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İngilizce - İngilizce
Spurious, artificial; being a cheap substitution; only superficially attractive

Anyway, at least I had created the pinchbeck crown in which Dai could place his jewel.

Made of pinchbeck
An alloy of copper and zinc once used as imitation gold for cheap jewelry
{n} a composition of copper and zink
An alloy of copper and zinc, resembling gold; a yellow metal, composed of about three ounces of zinc to a pound of copper
So called from Christopher Pinchbeck, a musical-clock maker, of Fleet Street (Died 1732 ) The word is used for Brummagem gold; and the metal is a compound of copper, zinc, and tin “Where, in these pinchbeck days, can we hope to find the old agricultural virtue in all its purity?”- Anthony Trollope: Framley Personace Pindar The French Pindar Jean Dorat (1507-1588) Also Ponce Denis Lebrun (1729-1807) The Italian Pindar Gabriello Chiabrera; whence Chiabreresco is in Italian tantamount to “Pindaric ” (1552-1637 ) Peter Pindar Dr John Wolcott (1738-1812) Pindar of England George, Duke of Buckingham, most extravagantly declared Cowley to be the Pindar, Horacé and Virgil of England In Westminster Abbey, the last line of Gray's tablet claims the honour of British Pindar for the author of The Bard “She [Britain] felt a Homer's fire in Mliton's strains, A Pindar's rapture in the lyre of Gray ” Pindar and the Bees (See Plato )
{i} artificial gold; alloy of copper and zinc used to imitate gold in cheap jewelry; something spurious
Made of pinchbeck; sham; cheap; spurious; unreal
serving as an imitation or substitute; "pinchbeck heroism"
{s} fake, counterfeit, not genuine
an alloy of copper and zinc that is used in cheap jewelry to imitate gold serving as an imitation or substitute; "pinchbeck heroism
Pinchbeck (also known as "false gold") is a alloy of copper that looks like gold Pinchbeck was invented by the British watchmaker Christopher Pinchbeck (1672-1732) in the early 18th century Pinchbeck consists of 83% copper and 17% zinc Ironically, there have been many imitations of Pinchbeck (which itself is an imitation) PINK TOPAZ Pink Topaz (Aluminum silicate fluoride hydroxide) is a very hard pink gemstone Pink topaz is usually created by irradiating common yellow topaz Topaz has a hardness of 8 and a specific gravity of 3 5-3 6
It is much used as an imitation of gold in the manufacture of cheap jewelry
an alloy of copper and zinc that is used in cheap jewelry to imitate gold
Spurious; fraudulent; artificial
An alloy of copper and zinc once used as imitation gold
Christopher Pinchbeck, 1670-1732, was a London jeweler, watchmaker, and alchemist who invented a substitute for gold made from an alloy of copper and zinc





    [ 'pinch-"bek ] (noun.) 1734. Named after Christopher Pinchbeck, an 18th century London watchmaker who developed the alloy.

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