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İngilizce - Türkçe

Tom, bir battaniye ve bir yastık istedi. - Tom asked for a blanket and a pillow.

O, onu bir yastıkla boğdu. - She suffocated him with a pillow.

(Tekstil) karo
altına yastık koymak
{f} yastıkla desteklemek
x yastık koy/yastığa daya
{i} baş yastığı
cıvadra ıskaçası
yastık gibi herhangi bir şey
pillowyyastık gibi
pillow block şaft kovanı
pillow lace kopanaki
{f} yastığa yatırmak
pillow case
(Tekstil) yastık kılıfı
pillow cases
yastık kılıfları
pillow fight
yastık savaşı
pillow lava
(Coğrafya) yastık şekilli lav
pillow block
şaft kovanı
pillow lace
pillow case
Bkz: pillowcase
pillow cover
yastık örtüsü
pillow lava
yastık lavı
pillow talk
yastık konuşmak
pillow block
muylu yatak gövdesi
pillow fight
yastık kavgası
pillow lav
yastık lâv
pillow lavas
pillov lavları
pillow slip
yastık kılıfı
pillow structure
yastık yapı
sink back against pillow
yastığa yaslanmak
euro pillow
kare yastık
throw pillow
yastık atma
to lift one's head from the pillow
başını yastıktan kaldırmak
bury one's face in the pillow
yüzünü yastığa gömmek
bury one's head in the pillow
kafasını yastığa gömmek
feather pillow
kuş tüylü yastık
lace pillow
lace pillow
dantelli yastık
{s} yastık gibi
{s} yumuşacık
please bring me another pillow
lütfen bir tane daha yastık getirin
plump up pillow
yastık doldurmak
snow pillow
(Meteoroloji,Teknik) kar yastığı
would you please get me a pillow
lütfen bir yastık verir misiniz
İngilizce - İngilizce
A soft cushion used to support the head in bed
To rest as on a pillow
{n} a thing to lay the head on
{v} to rest
A kind of plain, coarse fustian
{f} place on a pillow; use as a pillow
rest on or as if on a pillow; "pillow your head"
The layer of slack water that pads the upstream face of rooks andother obstructions The broader the upstream face, the more ample the pillow Also called an eddy cushion
To rest or lay upon, or as upon, a pillow; to support; as, to pillow the head
A piece of metal or wood, forming a support to equalize pressure; a brass; a pillow block
A pillow is a rectangular cushion which you rest your head on when you are in bed. to rest your head somewhere
a cushion to support the head of a sleeping person rest on or as if on a pillow; "pillow your head
A molded cushion head rest Pillows for neck jet models include a built-in magnet that needs to be detected by the reed switch in order for the neck jets to run
Anything used to support the head of a person when reposing; especially, a sack or case filled with feathers, down, hair, or other soft material
a cushion to support the head of a sleeping person
A block under the inner end of a bowsprit
{i} soft cushion
When water flows into a rock, it can pile up in a pillow on the upstream side of the rock Pillows bounce a boat away from the rock and can be used as an aid to maneuvering, when used with skill The absence of a pillow on the upstream side of a rock can mean that the rock is undercut, but the presence of a pillow does not necessarily mean that it isn't
pillow block
a metal block for supporting a rotating shaft; a bearing
pillow cases
plural form of pillow case
pillow fight
A play fight that involves hitting others with pillows
pillow fights
plural form of pillow fight
pillow lava
The rock type typically formed when lava emerges from an underwater volcanic vent or a lava flow enters the ocean
pillow talk
conversation shared by bedmates, particularly intimate conversation after or before sexual intercourse
A homosexual man

a stuffed shirt, a raving pillow-biter or a looney old lezzo with a face like a half-sucked mango, .

pillow block
A block that encloses and supports a journal or shaft; a bearing
pillow block
a cast-iron or steel block for supporting a journal or bearing
pillow fight
{i} game played by children and teenagers in which they throw pillows at each other
pillow fight
a child's game of fighting with pillows
pillow lace
lace made by winding thread around bobbins on a padded cushion
pillow lace
Lace made by hand with bobbins on a pillow
pillow lava
lava that hardened in rounded shapes suggestive of pillows; believed to result from underwater eruptions
pillow sham
decorative covering for a pillow
pillow sham
bed linen consisting of a decorative cover for a pillow
pillow sham
A decorative covering for a pillow on a bed
pillow slip
A pillow slip is the same as a pillowcase
pillow talk
Conversations that people have when they are in bed together can be referred to as pillow talk, especially when they are about secret or private subjects. Intimate conversation between lovers, typically taking place in bed
pillow talk
intimate conversation between lovers (typically occurring in bed)
pillow case, fabric used to protect and cover pillows
throw pillow
a small pillow, especially one placed on a chair rather than a bed, for decoration rather than comfort
A pillow
bed pillow
a soft pillow for use on a bed
past of pillow
Provided with a pillow or pillows; having the head resting on, or as on, a pillow
present participle of pillow
plural of pillow
{s} resembling a pillow; soft; comfortable
Like a pillow
take counsel of one's pillow
sleep on it, " consider an issue overnight before making a decision
throw pillow
A small pillow used chiefly for decoration, as on a couch
throw pillow
a small cushion that is used for decorative purposes



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    /ˈpəlō/ /ˈpɪloʊ/


    () Old English pyle, pylw-, from West Germanic *pulwi-, borrowed from classical Latin pulvīnus ‘cushion’. Cognate with Dutch peluw, German Pfühl.


    ... Spain's their your pillow ...

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