listen to the pronunciation of piffle
İngilizce - İngilizce
To act or speak in a futile, ineffective, or nonsensical manner
Nonsense, foolish talk
To waste, to fritter away
speak (about unimportant matters) rapidly and incessantly
act in a trivial or ineffective way
to babble nonsensically
To be sequeamish or delicate; hence, to act or talk triflingly or ineffectively; to twaddle; piddle
disapproval If you describe what someone says as piffle, you think that it is nonsense. He talks such a load of piffle. = rubbish. nonsense
Act of piffling; trifling talk or action; piddling; twaddle
trivial nonsense
to chatter incessantly
{i} nonsense, meaningless talk
nonsense; foolish talk
{f} talk nonsense, make meaningless statements
to act in a futile or ineffective manner
Present participle of piffle
{s} worthless, of no value; trivial, petty; few, small in number
disapproval If you describe something as piffling, you are critical of it because it is very small or unimportant. some piffling dispute regarding visiting rights. = trifling. piffling amounts are very small and therefore useless