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İngilizce - İngilizce
Agent noun of pick; one who picks

The apple picker climbed the tree.

{n} one who picks, a robber, a pickax
A piece of equipment that opens fiber and removes foreign matter
{i} one who gathers; one who collects; one who plucks
A priming wire for cleaning the vent
a person who chooses or selects out
A machine for picking fibrous materials to pieces so as to loosen and separate the fiber
The piece in a loom which strikes the end of the shuttle, and impels it through the warp
The part of the jukebox robotics responsible for moving a disk from a storage slot to a drive and back again Some jukeboxes feature "dual pickers" which allows two disks to be swapped without the need to return a disk back to a storage slot first
One who picks
Person who deals in petro-collectibles for monetary gain only, with no discernible interest in the petroliana hobby or in petroleum-related history
Male workers who forced bales of raw cotton into the picker machine using sharpened sticks ("picker sticks"), preparatory to carding
A fruit picker or cotton picker, for example, is a person who picks fruit or cotton, usually for money. cotton picker/fruit picker etc a person or machine that picks fruit or vegetables. Machine for harvesting a crop (e.g., corn, cotton) and preparing it for storage. The mechanical picker removes mainly the desired portion of the plant (e.g., grain and cobs of corn, bolls of cotton) rather than harvesting the entire plant
someone who gathers crops or fruits etc
One who, or that which, picks, in any sense, - - as, one who uses a pick; one who gathers; a thief; a pick; a pickax; as, a cotton picker
cherry picker
An extensible boom, usually mounted on a truck body, used by workers to reach inaccessible places as power lines and tall trees
cherry picker
A person or group who pick the best for themselves
One who picks their nose
He is a nose-picker
stock picker
A person or machine that gathers stock from a warehouse to fill an order
stock picker
Alternative spelling of stockpicker
a style of boot with a severely pointed toe fashionable in the 1950s
A derogatory reference to poor, migrant workers during the Great Depression. These people were unskilled, poorly educated workers, employable only in menial jobs, such as harvesting crops and, as such, received poor wages for working long hours under dreadful conditions
cherry picker
(Mühendislik) A cherry picker (also known as a boom lift or, rarely, as basket crane or hydraladder), is a type of aerial work platform that consists of a platform or bucket at the end of a hydraulic lifting system
cherry picker
{i} apparatus used in orchards for picking fruits (not only for picking cherries); mobile crane that can be raised to enable a person to work off the ground (such as working on electrical lines, pruning trees, etc.)
cherry picker
Someone who travels to several stores to buy only the advertised specials
cherry picker
A player who stays at center ice and does not help their team on defense They hope to pick up a break out pass with no defenders in their way (We hate cherry pickers because the authors of this site play defense: hey cherry picker - get in the game!)
cherry picker
A consumer who shops a retailer expressly for "specials," often traveling from store to store to get the best-priced items
cherry picker
-An aerial lift truck Also see Bucket Truck
a machine used for picking hops
plural of picker



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    /ˈpəkər/ /ˈpɪkɜr/


    [ 'pi-k&r ] (noun.) 14th century. pick +‎ -er

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